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Laser cleaning machine used in steel manufacturing

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Steel has the advantages of high strength, good plasticity, good process performance, and easy processing, so it is widely used in industrial production. However, steel is prone to rust and corrosion if it encounters a humid environment during processing or use, which will reduce the quality of the metal and affect its service life. In order to ensure the performance advantages of steel as a raw material, it is very important to remove rust and pollutants from its surface. At present, laser cleaning machines are more and more popular in the market to meet the needs of steel rust removal and cleaning.
Laser cleaning process is a new type of industrial cleaning method developed in recent years. It uses the vibration of laser pulses, the thermal expansion of particles, and the photolysis of molecules to overcome the binding force between pollutants and the surface of the material, so that rust, coating, etc. are separated from the surface of the material, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Laser cleaning the rust on the steel surface has the advantages of good rust removal effect, high control precision, low operating cost, safety and environmental protection. The emergence of fiber laser cleaning machines is an innovation and improvement of traditional cleaning equipment, which can avoid the disadvantages of unsatisfactory conventional cleaning or large pollution of traditional cleaning.
laser cleaning machines

Application of Laser Cleaning Machine in Steel Manufacturing

1. Steel laser cutting pretreatment
The processing of steel is inseparable from the important process of cutting, among which laser cutting has become the most common method of cutting steel. But when laser cutting steel, the final cut quality is affected by the cleanliness of the material surface. If the surface of the steel is rusted or has some pollutants such as oil, it may cause problems such as rough cutting sections. In order to ensure higher quality of steel cutting, other pollutants such as rust on the surface need to be cleaned and removed before processing. In this way, the cut workpiece can be directly used in the next process and provide its own performance advantages for the subsequent product manufacturing.
2. Steel welding pretreatment
The surface cleanliness of the metal before welding will directly affect the welding quality and the firmness of the weld. Using a handheld laser rust removal machine to precisely clean the surface of the steel plate before welding can effectively ensure the welding quality.
3. Cleaning of steel after welding
When welding steel plates, especially the traditional welding process, impurities or oxide layers often appear on the surface of the material after welding, which seriously affects the later beautification treatment. The use of laser cleaning machines can efficiently clean the oxides, impurities, and oil stains of the weld without damaging the base material of the weld, which can effectively ensure the quality of subsequent processing.
Cleaning of steel after welding
4. Steel surface coating pretreatment
In many cases, manufacturers need to paint the steel surface to improve its corrosion resistance or improve its aesthetics. If there are pollutants on the surface of the material before the coating starts, it will affect the adhesion of the paint and cause the paint to fall off easily. Therefore, for the steel plate that needs to be coated, the surface should be cleaned first to ensure that the surface is clean and pollution-free, so as to make the coating have higher adhesion.
It can be seen that laser cleaning machines are widely used in steel manufacturing. In addition to the high efficiency and precision of laser cleaning, it has many other advantages that are the reasons for its popularity. At present, most of the fiber laser cleaning machines on the market are designed with a handheld laser cleaning gun. The operator only needs to hold the handle, point the laser gun at the surface of the material to be cleaned and scan back and forth, and then the pollutants on the surface of the material can be removed at high speed. Moreover, the laser cleaning machine can be used when it is powered on, no other consumables are required, and the operating cost is also very low.
Steel surface coating pretreatment
Fiber laser cleaning machine has irreplaceable advantages in the removal of various pollutants such as rust removal, paint removal, and oil removal. Whether it is the pretreatment of steel plates or the cleaning of metal products, laser cleaning machines can bring good results. If you want to know more about the effect of laser rust removal and laser paint removal, you can communicate online and get the live video of laser cleaning.

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