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How Does Laser Cleaning Work and Why you choose it

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Fiber laser cleaning machine is mainly used for heavy rust removal and decontamination of metal, so it is also called metal laser cleaning machine or metal rust removal machine. Using a laser cleaning machine can effectively remove metal oxide layers and paint dirt on the surface.

How does laser cleaning work?

Laser cleaning technology works by sending nanosecond-long laser pulses to the surface of the workpiece. When the laser beam interacts with the contaminants that absorb the laser light, the contaminant or coating particles either turn into a gas, or the pressure of the interaction causes the particles to dislodge from the surface. Since the underlying material does not absorb any energy, it remains the same.
By controlling the laser flux, wavelength and pulse length, the area of ​​material removed by a single laser pulse can be controlled extremely precisely. The use of laser cleaning machines is suitable for fast and deep rust removal, paint removal, and only removes the surface coating or oxide of the workpiece without damaging the substrate.
Laser cleaning for rust and paint removal

Why choose a laser cleaning machine

Cost saving advantage
Laser rust removers can be more expensive than other traditional cleaning equipment, however, the investment pays for itself within the first year of use. The laser cleaning machine can be used at any time, and the portable design is easy to move, making it work in a wider range. No consumables are required, the laser cleaning system can be started after power-on, and the operating cost is only equivalent to a PC desktop.
Safety and environmental protection
Laser cleaning technology is environmentally friendly. They emit no greenhouse gases and do not produce chemical waste during laser rust or laser paint removal. This is in stark contrast to traditional cleaning methods, where dry ice or chemical cleaning can't avoid contamination of water flow and the Earth's atmosphere.
There is no need to equip a full set of protective equipment during the laser cleaning operation, just wear laser protective glasses. The entire cleaning process is very safe and will not cause harm to the health of the laser cleaning machine operator.
Precise workpiece cleaning
Unlike blast cleaning, laser cleaning is selective. It can easily focus on very small points or areas without affecting adjacent material. Precise and spot cleaning is easier with a laser cleaner. In addition, laser cleaning technology can more easily reach the corners of complex design objects. The final product after laser cleaning is much finer than other cleaning methods.
Laser cleaning machine is a new generation of high-tech industrial cleaning equipment, which is easy to install, control and automate. The operation is simple, turn on the power supply and turn on the device, and the cleaning can be realized without chemical reagents, without medium and without water washing. In addition to laser rust removal and laser paint removal, it can also remove resin, grease, stains, dirt, cement, oxides and other pollutants from the surface of objects.

Application of laser cleaning machine

Low power 100W laser cleaning machine
100W Laser cleaning machine
Low power does not equal low efficiency. Low-power laser cleaning solutions provide gentle, high-precision cleaning. It uses a short-pulse laser, which can better control the heat input and prevent the substrate from being slightly soluble when the temperature of the substrate is too high. This 100w laser cleaning machine is ideal for the following products:
Restoration of historical relics
precious artwork
precision instrument
Rubber/Injection Mold
Any product that requires gentle cleaning
High power laser cleaning machine
1000W Laser cleaning machine
ACCTEK high-power laser cleaners are available in 1000W-2000W, with faster cleaning speeds and allowing larger areas to be cleaned. This 1000W/2000W laser cleaning machine is ideal for the following products:
Remove metal oxides or lubricants before welding
Metal rust removal on the surface of mechanical equipment
Rail surface rust removal
Composites and Tire Molds
Paint Removal from Aircraft

Which products need laser cleaning

If your product is covered with contaminants - including rust, oil, cement, oxides, paint or others, laser cleaners can do the job efficiently. Not only metal cleaning, but also non-metallic materials such as porcelain, glass, rubber, and plastic can be cleaned.
The application of laser cleaning machines provides a cost-effective solution for industrial cleaning, which can reduce cleaning time and maintenance costs. Laser cleaning machine is the trend of industrial cleaning development, you can communicate online and get laser cleaning videos.

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