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Laser cleaning machine efficiently remove paint

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Laser cleaning machine plays an important role in industrial cleaning, such as automobile manufacturing, precision parts processing, building exterior wall cleaning, cultural relics protection, grease removal, paint removal, and more. So what is the effect of laser paint removal? How does a laser cleaning machine remove paint?
Paint is a coating used to cover the surface of materials for protection or decoration, which can form a firmly attached film on the surface of the coated object. Because of industrial needs, paints are widely used to coat metal surfaces. However, when the paint on the metal workpiece peels off or needs to be refurbished, the paint applied to the surface of the material is very difficult to remove. Faced with this problem, laser cleaning machines have played an important role.
Laser cleaning paint removal technology is to use laser beam irradiation to make the paint layer on the surface of the material expand and contract to peel off, coupled with high-intensity vibration to directly shatter the peeled paint layer on the surface. Compared with the traditional paint removal method, this laser cleaning method has the advantage that the machine can be used when it is powered on, and there are no other consumables. Since laser cleaning does not require the use of chemicals, it will neither pollute the environment nor harm the health of employees.
Laser cleaning paint removal
It can be seen that after the laser irradiation, the paint layer on the surface of the workpiece is peeled off, revealing the original color of the metal. After several times of repeated irradiation, the paint layer on the surface of the workpiece is completely removed. Looking closely at the surface of the workpiece, it can be seen that the paint layer on the workpiece has been cleaned very cleanly, and the surface of the workpiece has not been damaged in any way.
When laser cleaning paint, it is necessary to know what type of paint is being cleaned, such as spray painting, painting, baking paint, etc. Materials such as spray painting and painting can generally be processed by a low-power laser cleaning machine. Like baking paint, it is more difficult to handle, so when dealing with baking paint, medium and high-power laser cleaning machines are used.
1000W fiber laser cleaning machine
The application of laser cleaning machine in industrial paint removal has the incomparable advantages of traditional physical paint removal technology.
1. Laser cleaning does not require chemical solutions, so there is no environmental pollution problem caused by chemical solutions.
2. The removed waste is basically solid powder, small in size, and will hardly cause pollution to the environment.
3. Laser cleaning paint is non-contact. Through the positioning of the laser beam, the dirt on the surface of the material can be selectively removed without damaging the internal composition and structure of the material.
4. The laser cleaning machine can remove different types and thicknesses of paint on the surface of various materials to achieve high cleanliness.
The advantages of laser cleaning machine determine that it will inevitably become the development trend and first choice of industrial cleaning in the future. To understand the real effect of the laser cleaning machine, you can get the laser cleaning video online.

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