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The applicable scope of laser cutting machine

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Suitable for:
    1. Polyformaldehyde

Polyformaldehyde is a highly used plastic in the engineering field. It can be used in gears, steering and sliding components, medical devices, food packaging, etc.The ability to use lasers for complex cutting could help make polyformaldehyde more widely available in many fields.

    2, wood

All types of wood, including plywood and MDF, can be laser-cut.

    3, metal

Laser cutters can cut all types of metals from mild steel to stainless steel to nonferrous metals.

    4, glass

Fragile and reflective properties, laser cutter can cut.

    5. Paper and cardboard

Cutting paper products, complex paper products can be cut.

    6, plastic

Acrylic, PMMA and Lucite are all transparent plastics.Laser cutting can ensure the edge has a good finish.

Not applicable to:

    1. Glass fiber

Fiberglass is a mixture of two materials -- glass and epoxy.

    2. PVC

Cutting PVC emits acid and toxic fumes, which are harmful to the operators of the machines and to the laser cutting machines themselves.

    3. Polycarbonate fiber

Polycarbonate less than 1 mm can be tried with a laser cutter, but will cause discoloration.

    4. ABS and HIGH-density polyethylene

The laser beam is hot enough to vaporize the material, but not ABS or hdPE.

    5. Polystyrene and polypropylene foam

It is easy to catch fire during cutting.

The above is all about the laser cutting range. For more information about light and laser products, please visit the following links:

The applicable scope of laser cutting machine

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