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The application of laser cleaning machine in industrial production

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AccTek fiber laser cleaning machine, which mainly constitutes a handheld laser cleaning gun, laser source, and laser cleaning system. The operator can hold the laser cleaning gun from any angle to clean the workpiece. When cleaning the large -scale workpiece or large equipment, the flexible front end is conducive to the operation of the operator, and some parts that are not easy to clean can also be effectively handled.
Fiber laser cleaning machine
In comparison with traditional cleaning methods, such as mechanical friction cleaning, chemical corrosion cleaning, high -frequency ultrasound cleaning, etc, handheld laser cleaning machine as an burgeoning cleaning technology, it has the irreplaceable advantages: 
1. Lightweight design, integrated integration, which is convenient to bring to any working area, suitable for local positioning and cleaning. Non -contact cleaning works, no damage to the materials that need to clean, no pollution, no following up treatment. And because of the locatable feature of the laser beam, the product after laser cleaning is much finer than other cleaning methods.
2. High efficiency, with fast speed, and low cost. The heat load and mechanical load generated by the materials are very small, and the cleaning is non -damage; it is safe and reliable, does not damage the health of the operator, and is easy to achieve automated control. Safe and contamination-free cleaning methods allow laser cleaners to be used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
3. It can move freely, easy to achieve automation, can be combined with CNC technology, and can also achieve optional automatic scanning, strong cleaning ability, safety and reliability, and not damaging the health of operators.
4. Focus cleaning: When cleaning the uneven workpiece, the handheld laser cleaning head can be adjusted up and down the focus to clean, producing a uniform cleaning effect.
Laser rust removal technology, as an advanced technology in laser manufacturing, has huge potential for application in industrial development. It is very important to develop handheld laser rust removal technology.

Application of laser cleaning machine

The application of laser cleaning machines is very wide, which can remove attachments on the surface of a variety of material surfaces and achieve the cleanliness that cannot be achieved by traditional cleaning methods. Whether it is steel welding seam cleaning, the oxidation and rust removal treatment on the surface of the metals, or even the rubber removal of the metals, it has good performance. Laser cleaning machine can not only remove the rust on the surface, but also can also make a chemical reaction on the surface of the metal material, so as to form a protective layer to prevent secondary rust and improve its corrosion resistance.
Application of laser cleaning machine
Handheld laser rust removal machine is usually used as the initial process of industrial production. Traditional metal sheets and tubes should have a certain interval from production to use. During this period, there will be a process of oxidation and rust. In actual use, we need to remove the rust on the surface first, then we can use it for production.
Fiber laser cleaning machine has been widely used in various fields such as industrial production, microelectronics, cultural relics protection and medical care. Especially in the industrial field, laser cleaning application is particularly extensive. In industrial production, many sheet metals are stored for a long time, and there will be more or less pollution layers such as rust and stains are inevitable. Laser cleaning technology has greatly improved the quality of subsequent cutting and welding processes. 
Use handheld laser cleaning machine can be effectively and quickly remove rust and pollution, and also can choose a place for removal to achieve cleaning automation and flexibility. Using laser cleaning machine, not only the cleaning effect is higher than chemical cleaning technology, but also there is little damage to surface objects.
By setting various parameters, dense oxide protective film or metal melting layer can also be formed on the surface of the metal object to improve the surface strength and corrosion resistance. In addition, the waste of laser removal basically does not constitute pollution to the environment. 
The main application of the classification
1.Remove the coating layer of the metal and mirror surface, quickly remove the metal surface metal and various oxides.
2.Remove oil, resin, glue, dust, spots and production residual metal surfaces.
3.Welding of car parts, remove rust, remove oil and oxides and rinse the cleaning after welding.
4.Cleaning the legs as tire forms, electronic form and components of food after the production and processing of oil pollution components of nuclear energy.
5. Aerospace weapons, oxide processing on industrial or technical ships, paint, paint and responsibility are a small surface of space metal.
6. The culture left cleaning, cleaning on the stones, the outer surface of the building was cleaned.
Fiber laser cleaning machines make the surface of the metal material restore like the beginning. Without chemical preparations and mechanical polishing, there is no pollution to the environment and will not cause damage to the workpiece. Laser cleaning and rust removal, fast and safe, can be used for cleaning various metal materials. High working efficiency, easy to operate, without subsequent processing work, greatly improved work efficiency, reduced labor intensity, and saved production costs.
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