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Good Feedback of Laser Cleaning Machines from Russian
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The application of laser cleaning machines in industrial cleaning is becoming more and more popular, our laser cleaning equipment is sold to many countries and regions, this photo is a good feedback from one of our Russian user. Now this laser cleaning machine has helped him to complete the rust removal of many metal equipment, and he is very satisfied with the cleaning effect of the machine.
Laser cleaning machine in Russian
Fiber laser cleaning machine is also known as metal laser cleaning machine, metal rust removal machine. Because it is the most widely used in metal derusting and decontamination. In addition to the removal of contaminants on the surface of metal workpieces, laser cleaning machines can also be used to clean various materials such as stone, rubber, plastic, porcelain, and glass. Because laser cleaning technology uses a non-contact cleaning method, even brittle materials such as glass will not cause damage.
Laser cleaning machines are especially suitable for cleaning metal molds. Because most molds are irregular in shape, some have a lot of patterns. The laser can focus on very small parts, and easily clean the parts that are not easy to clean such as dead corners of the mold. The effect of laser cleaning the mold is much finer than other cleaning methods. The accuracy of the laser cleaning machine is also suitable for the cleaning of precision parts. The focusing of the laser ensures that the cleaning process does not affect adjacent materials.
The fundamental reasons why laser cleaning machines are becoming more and more popular are low cost, good effect, and ease of use. About the cleaning effect, you can see it in the video on the laser cleaning machine page. And the laser cleaning machine does not need any consumables, as long as it is powered on, it can be used, thus reducing your processing cost to a minimum. The ACCTEK laser cleaning machine is equipped with a hand-held cleaning gun, which is light and easy to operate, even if you are using it for the first time, you can get started quickly.
Laser cleaning machines can solve problems that traditional cleaning methods cannot solve, and will be the most reliable and effective cleaning solution in the future.

For more information, you can click Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine.

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