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4 Axis CNC Router with rotary axis for Cylindrical Materials

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The 4 axis CNC router for cylindrical materials is also called a rotary axis CNC router machine or a cylindrical CNC router machine. Although this type of CNC machine tool is not as widely used as a plane CNC router, it is also an indispensable machine in the wood carving process. For example, table legs, chair legs, stair handrails or Roman columns in furniture production need to be produced with rotary axis CNC routers.
There are many types of 4 axis CNC routers for cylindrical product engraving, and they are used in different industries and products respectively. The correct selection of the rotary axis CNC router is conducive to giving full play to the maximum value of the machine and saving the budget cost of purchasing the machine. Here are four rotary axis CNC routers, you can choose according to your actual production needs.

1.Simple CNC router for cylindrical materials

Simple CNC router for cylindrical materials
This type of 4 axis CNC router is based on a three-axis machine with a detachable rotary axis device added. This kind of machine tool is more suitable for plane engraving and cutting in most cases, and only a small amount of cylindrical materials need to be processed in the production workshop. When you need to process cylindrical materials, you only need to place the rotary axis attachment on the CNC router table for use. Its advantage is that it is cheap and does not take up more space.

2.Industrial CNC router for cylindrical materials

Industrial CNC router for cylindrical materials
This type of 4 axis CNC router is to fix the rotary axis device on the side of the fuselage or the front end of the machine, which is more suitable for production workshops that process more cylindrical materials or process large cylindrical products. Its advantage is that it does not need to disassemble the rotating shaft device every time, and the processing of flat materials and cylindrical materials can be switched flexibly, which is more convenient.

3.Professional rotary axis CNC router

Professional rotary axis CNC router
This type of rotary axis CNC router is a CNC machine tool professionally used for cylindrical material processing. It is equipped with 4 CNC router spindles and 4 rotary axis attachments, each run can engrave four products at the same time, suitable for production workshops that process cylindrical items in large quantities.

4.Multifunctional rotary axis CNC router

Multifunctional rotary axis CNC router
This machine is a multifunctional 4 axis CNC router equipped with six CNC router spindles and six rotary axis attachments. It integrates the advantages of the above three CNC machine tools, which can not only process flat materials, but also complete 3D processing of cylinders. And because the six spindles work at the same time, woodworking items can be mass-produced, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the workshop. It is different from other models of rotary axis CNC routers in that it has greater flexibility. One thimble of the multifunctional rotary axis CNC router is fixed at the tail of the CNC router, and the thimble on the other side can be pushed to a suitable position on the table according to the length of the processed material. This enables users to flexibly switch between the processing of flat plate and cylindrical materials, which is very convenient. It not only saves the disassembly process, but also does not occupy a larger area.
Rotary axis cnc router machine with thimble and chuck device. The thimble and chuck are used to fix the cylindrical material to complete the engraving of the workpiece, ensuring that the material will not loosen during the machine operation process, so that the engraved workpiece has higher precision and quality. Through the rotary motion of the 4th axis, the cnc machine can realize 3D machining of cylindrical and arc surfaces.
Currently, there are more CNC routers available for machining cylindrical materials. In order to ensure that you can buy a feature-rich CNC router within the best budget, it is best to choose a reliable CNC router manufacturer and tell the staff about your needs, and a professional CNC router supplier will provide you according to your needs Customized solutions for machines. In this way, you can add a most suitable 4 axis CNC router to the workshop within the least budget. If you still don't know how to choose, contact us now, we will provide you with the best advice.

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