Are you looking for an affordable fiber laser cutting machine for your metal cutting project? Here we will provide you with the best metal laser cutting machines to meet your production needs.
There are sheet metal laser cutting machine, tube laser cutting machine, industrial laser cutting machine, small precision fiber laser cutting machine and hobby laser cutting machine.
These fiber laser metal cutting systems are suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum, copper, brass and various alloy materials to meet your many metal cutting projects.

Fiber laser cutting machine is a CNC laser metal cutting equipment that can cut metal with high efficiency and high precision. It can cut any shape on various metal profiles such as sheet metal and pipes. Whether making stainless steel kitchen utensils, cutting high-precision auto parts, or processing fitness equipment, fiber laser cutting machines can easily complete every job.

How much is the fiber laser cutting machine?

The fiber laser cutting machine price is related to many factors, including the components of the machine, the technical level of the laser cutting machine manufacturer and many other conditions. Among them, the configuration of core components such as laser cutting head, laser generator, motor, numerical control system, and machine tool occupies a very important position in the laser cutting machine price. In addition, the higher the technical level of the laser cutting machine manufacturer, the more perfect the after-sales service system, and the correspondingly the price of their machines will be more expensive.

An low cost metal laser cutting machine can range from $17,300 to $36,500. This metal laser cutter is perfect for beginners or small metal fabrication companies. Users can choose from 1000W, 1500W and 2000W fiber laser cutting machines, which can cut carbon steel in the 6-16mm range and stainless steel in the 3-8mm range. Prices for top rated fiber laser cutting systems start at $22,900, and users can choose from 3,000W, 4,000W, 6,000W, 8,000W, and 12,000KW industrial metal laser cutting machines. It can cut carbon steel up to 40mm thick and stainless steel up to 30mm thick. For large metal manufacturers or metal cutting service providers, it has higher metal cutting efficiency and finer metal processing effects.
In addition to sheet metal laser cutting machines, you can also purchase professional tube laser cutting machines, which range in price from $41,900 to $73,600. This tube laser cutting machine has unique advantages for the production of fitness equipment, industrial pipes, guardrails and other products.

There are many types of fiber laser metal cutting machines, and their price differences are also very large. At present, this kind of high-tech CNC metal cutting equipment is still developing continuously. With the continuous innovation of technology and the decrease in the cost of accessories, the laser cutting machine price will also become a trend with the reduction. Of course, equipment with more advanced technology will always be more expensive, and it will also create greater benefits. It is believed that in the future metal cutting market, fiber laser cutting machine will become an irreplaceable mainstream equipment.,

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