Are you planning to buy an affordable CO2 laser cutting machine? Here, we provide you with CO2 laser cutting & engraving machine applied in different scenarios. You can use the CO2 laser beam to engrave and cut various non-metallic materials such as wood, plywood, MDF, acrylic, fabric, leather, paper, etc. The cheap price and abundant functions of CO2 laser cutting machine make it widely used in advertising companies, luggage making, clothing production, small businesses, home stores and school education and other fields. You can choose different models and configurations to create maximum benefits according to your processing needs.
What does a CO2 laser cutting machine consist of? How does it work?
CO2 laser cutting machine consists of laser cutting head, laser lens, laser generator (CO2 laser tube), laser power supply, chiller, control panel and CNC laser cutting system. The CO2 laser cutter uses a CO2 laser tube to emit a high-energy laser beam to irradiate the surface of the material. By releasing the high-energy laser beam, the surface of the material is melted and evaporated, so as to realize the engraving and cutting of the pattern. The difference in the power of the laser cutting machine will affect the thickness of the cut and the depth of the engraving. In general, use higher power for laser cutting and lower power for laser engraving. The laser power is adjustable during operation, so it can be adapted to different machining processes.
How much does a CO2 laser cutting machine cost?
Here, we show you 8 different types of CO2 laser cutting & engraving machine, which are used in different industries, so they have different configurations and different prices. Among them, the 1390 CO2 laser machine is a commonly used laser engraving and cutting equipment. The price of 90W power is 3300 US dollars. It is most commonly used in advertising companies and wood crafts manufacturers. The 1390 CO2 laser machine with auto feeding device is mainly used in the clothing industry, and its price is 5200 US dollars. It is equipped with an auto feeding system, which can meet the requirements of continuous and automatic batch cutting. Large-size 1325 or 1530 CO2 laser machine usually cost more than $5,000, and they are mainly used in the furniture manufacturing industry to process larger-sized cabinet boards and other materials.
The cost of CO2 laser cutter is related to its size, power, configuration and other factors. Before purchasing the machine, you need to tell our staff the following questions: 
What kind of material do you need to process
Is your job mainly engraving or cutting?
What is the thickness of the material you are processing and what is the size
Through the communication of the above information, our professionals will provide you with a CO2 laser cutting machine purchase advice and price list.

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