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Handheld laser rust removal machine

AKQ-1500 is a handheld laser rust remover composed of fiber laser generator, laser rust removal gun and laser rust removal system. It uses continuous wave laser to irradiate the metal surface, which can effectively remove rust at high speed.
  • Model:AKQ-1500
  • Category:Laser Cleaner and Laser Welder
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  • price:$3400--$8200/Set
  • Lead time:10-18 working days
  • Customized features:vailable
NO Description Parameter
1 Model AKQ-1500 / AKQ-2000 / AKQ-3000
2 Laser Power 1500W / 2000W / 3000W
3 Laser Type JPT / Raycus / Max / BWT
4 Central wavelength 1064nm
5 Line length 10M / 15M
6 Maximum aperture diameter 16mm
7 Focus lens specifications Dia=30mm,F=160mm
8 Collimating lens specifications Dia=20mm,F=50mm
9 Scanning Width 10-270mm
10 Maximum external size of cleaning head (width) 47mm
11 Cleaning head weight ≤1500g
12 Cooling Type Water cooling
13 Pulse-Frequency (KHz),Range 20-200
14 Input Power 380V/220V, 50/60H
15 Dimensions 1040mm×640mm×870mm / 1200mm×640mm×870mm


Machine features

The handheld laser rust removal gun has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small and light weight, wide use range and simple operation, which greatly improves the cleaning efficiency and quality.
The biggest feature of the hand held laser rust removal machine is to improve the portability of the machine. Compared with other high-power laser rust removal tools, this machine is smaller in size and easier to carry to different workplaces.
Handheld laser rust removal machine solves the existing problems that corners are difficult to clean, rust needs to be polished, grinding is not beautiful, etc. It is the first choice for most metal cleaning. Even for special-shaped metal parts, the laser rust remover can perform the rust removal operation through precise positioning of the laser beam.

Handheld laser rust removal machine
  • Handheld Laser Rust Removal Gun
    Handheld Laser Rust Removal Gun
    Cool appearance, ergonomic design, comfortable grip.
    Adjustable spot width, cleaning and rust remove thoroughly.
    Wireless control module, quick adjustment of parameters.
    Compact structure design, high dustproof level.
    Selection of high-quality precision optical components, excellent and stable beam quality.
  • JPT Fiber Laser
    JPT laser feature independently adjustable pulse width and frequency.
    It can maintain a stable peak power output and adapt to a wider range of cleaning scenarios.
    The power range of the handheld laser rust removal machine is 1500W-3000W, and different powers can meet more cleaning requirements.
    JPT Fiber Laser
  • Au3tech Control System
    Au3tech Control System
    The touch-screen control panel makes laser cleaning parameter setting more convenient.
    A variety of laser rust removal parameters and processes can be saved in the process library, with high-quality cleaning effects.
  • Built-In Water Chiller Design
    The chiller and body are integrated into the design, making it compact in structure, and smaller in size.
    Universal wheels are installed at the bottom of the machine body, allowing it to be easily moved to any place where cleaning is needed.
    Industrial water chiller is specially designed. It is safe and durable, with stable working performance and long service life. Strong & stable water cooling system will ensure the fiber laser source to work perfectly.
    Built-In Water Chiller Design


Handheld laser rust removal machine is widely used for cleaning the surface of materials, it can remove the object surface resin, the paint, the oil pollution, stains, dirt, rust, coatings, etc.
Handheld laser rust remover has a good cleaning effect on iron, carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, mold steel gear, aluminum plate, paint layer and other materials.
Fiber laser rust removal machine can be used to clean oxide layer, surface paint removal treatment; clean surface oil, stains, and dirt; clean rubber mold residue.
Meet the requirements for equipment cleaning in the shipbuilding industry, auto parts, rubber molds, machine tools, environmental protection industries and other fields.
  • Handheld laser rust removal machine
  • Handheld laser rust removal machine
  • Handheld laser rust removal machine
  • Handheld laser rust removal machine
  • Handheld laser rust removal machine
  • Handheld laser rust removal machine

Acctek's after-sales

  • Laser Cleaner and Laser Welder

    1 to 3 years guarantee of the whole machine.

  • Laser Cleaner and Laser Welder

    Main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free of charge if there is any problem during the warranty period.

  • Laser Cleaner and Laser Welder

    Lifetime maintenance free of charge.

  • Laser Cleaner and Laser Welder

    Our staff can be sent to your company to install or adjust if necessary.

  • Laser Cleaner and Laser Welder

    technical support online whole life

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