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Portable Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine

The 100W portable laser cleaning machine uses a pulsed laser generator, which can better control the heat input and prevent the substrate from being slightly soluble due to high temperature. Therefore, the pulse laser cleaning machine is more suitable for application scenarios with high precision and no damage to the substrate.
  • Model:AKQ-100/AKQ-200
  • Category:Laser Cleaner and Laser Welder
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  • Brand:ACCTEK
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  • price:$6800--$39500/Set
  • Lead time:10-18 working days
  • Customized features:vailable
NO Description Parameter
1 Model AKQ-100/AKQ-200/AKQ-300/AKQ-500/AKQ-1000
2 Laser Power 100W / 200W / 300W / 500W / 1000W
3 Laser Type LD-Fiber
4 Expected Focal Distance(mm) 160mm
5 Fiber Length (m) 5M (Optional 10M)
6 Cooling Type Air cooling / Water cooling
7 Laser Generator JPT / Raycus / Max
8 Output Range(Of adjustable) 0-1000W
9 Mobile mode Handheld laser cleaning gun
10 Cleaning efficiency (m2/h) 12
11 Input Power 220V, 50/60H
12 Dimensions(mm3) 600x360x710mm (Different power needs to be customized)

Machine features

Low power laser cleaning machines do not equal low efficiency. The pulse laser cleaning machine can provide a gentle, high-precision surface cleaning solution.
The size of the portable laser cleaning machine is 600x360x710mm, and the bottom of the chassis is equipped with a universal wheel, which is easy to move and can be easily brought to any work area with cleaning needs.
The handheld laser cleaning head is placed inside the chassis, providing greater portability for mobile machines. The laser cleaning gun is placed in a box on the top of the chassis, and a simple handle is installed on the outside for easy access.
Portable laser cleaner/laser rust remover comes with 5 protective lenses, one spare focusing lens and one laser safety goggles.
You can choose to install a vacuum cleaner for the laser cleaning head. In the process of laser rust removal and laser cleaning, it can effectively collect dust, avoid lens pollution, and prolong the service life of the lens.

Portable Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine
  • Au3tech Handheld Laser Cleaning Head
    Au3tech Handheld Laser Cleaning Head
    Designed with a handheld laser cleaning gun, it can flexibly respond to various objects and angles. Easy to operate and portable to move.
    The hand-held laser cleaning gun increases the length of the light outlet, making it difficult for dust to enter and protecting the lens.
    The connecting cable between the laser cleaning gun and the machine is 5M long, which can complete a wide range of cleaning work without moving the machine. If you need, you can customize the 10M long connecting cable.
  • JPT 100W MOPA Fiber Laser
    JPT MOPA laser feature independently adjustable pulse width and frequency.
    It can maintain a stable peak power output and adapt to a wider range of cleaning scenarios.
    The power range of the pulse laser cleaning machine is 100W-1000W, and different powers can meet more cleaning requirements.
    JPT 100W MOPA Fiber Laser
  • Au3tech Control System
    Au3tech Control System
    The touch-screen control panel makes laser cleaning parameter setting more convenient.
    A variety of laser cleaning parameters and processes can be saved in the process library, with high-quality cleaning effects.


Pulse laser cleaning machine has advantages in the following application scenarios:
Restoration of historical relics, such as bronzes, Buddha statues, etc. Precious artworks, precision instruments, precious metal jewelry, porcelain, glass, rubber molds, injection molds, and anything else that requires gentle cleaning.
Pulse laser cleaner can also perform the following industrial cleaning applications:
Laser rust removal, laser paint removal, laser oil removal, laser removal of coatings, laser removal of wall graffiti, laser cleaning of welds, laser cleaning of tire molds, etc.
  • Portable Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine
  • Portable Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine
  • Portable Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine
  • Portable Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine
  • Portable Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine
  • Portable Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine

Acctek's after-sales

  • Laser Cleaner and Laser Welder

    1 to 3 years guarantee of the whole machine.

  • Laser Cleaner and Laser Welder

    Main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free of charge if there is any problem during the warranty period.

  • Laser Cleaner and Laser Welder

    Lifetime maintenance free of charge.

  • Laser Cleaner and Laser Welder

    Our staff can be sent to your company to install or adjust if necessary.

  • Laser Cleaner and Laser Welder

    technical support online whole life

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