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How to solve the problem of laser cleaning
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    Laser cleaning: Four main methods and application fields of laser cleaning
    Laser cleaning is a new cleaning method.Compared with traditional cleaning, it has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and high efficiency.Laser cleaning is widely used and plays an important role in many fields.Laser cleaning can not only be used to remove organic pollutants, but also can be used to remove inorganic materials, including metal corrosion, metal particles, dust, etc.
    Main methods: Laser cleaning
1. Laser dry cleaning, namely the use of pulse laser direct radiation decontamination;
2. Laser + liquid film method is to deposit a layer of liquid film on the substrate surface, and then decontaminate it with laser radiation;
3. The laser + inert gas method is to blow the inert gas to the substrate surface while the laser is irradiated.When dirt is peeled off the surface, it is immediately blown off the surface by gas to avoid surface contamination and oxidation;
4. After removing dirt with laser, clean dirt with non-corrosive chemical method.
    The first three methods are the most commonly used.The fourth method is found only in the cleaning of stone relics.
    Application field: Laser cleaning machine
1. Remove the coating on metal or glass surface and remove the paint quickly;
2. Rapid rust removal and various oxides;
3. Remove grease, resin, glue, dust, stains and production residues;
4. Roughening and cleaning of metal surfaces in narrow Spaces;
5. Degreasing, derusting, degreasing, oxidation and residue treatment before welding or bonding;
6. Mold cleaning, such as tire mold, electronic mold, food mold;
7. Oil pollution elimination after production and processing of precision parts;
8. Maintenance of quick cleaning of nuclear power components;
9. Oxide treatment, paint removal and rust removal during the production or maintenance of aerospace weapons and ships;
10. Cultural relics cleaning, rock cleaning, building external surface cleaning.
    Laser cleaning plays an important role in many fields.With the continuous progress of technology and the large-scale production of equipment, laser cleaning technology will play an important role in the clean industry.
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    Laser cleaning machines in various industries
    Laser derusting technology: the high-energy pulse laser focuses on the clean excitation plasma of the object surface, continuously irradiates the high-energy plasma for instantaneous blasting, and finally realizes the physical blasting of the relatively fluffy rust layer on the object surface, and forms a plume through the high-speed light plate to remove debris, mainly used for metal derusting.
    Superior laser derusting machine:
1. Simple processing of seiko parts;
2. Easy to transport and transport;
3. Simple operation;
4. The rust removal area and thickness are accurate and controllable;
5. Uniform derusting quality;
6. No pollution, no damage to the base material.
    Application: automotive industry, aerospace, tire hub, petroleum, pharmaceutical, chemical, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, military sector, offshore platform, etc.
    In general, laser derusting equipment can be used in a variety of industries metal materials produced by rust.It can be selective rust, will not pollute, destroy the base material, affect the use of materials.This is an effective method of derusting.

    How to solve the problem of laser cutting machine burr
    When using laser cutting machine for sheet metal parts processing, estimates that all enterprises will encounter not satisfactory cutting effect, such as the most common of which are at the cutting edge appears on a large number of burr, burr: refers to the process of laser cutting surface transition in irregular cutting edges, burrs, etc all kinds of metal parts), it will affect the precision and appearance of the product.If we implement two steps, secondary processing will increase human and financial resources, which is very uneconomical.
    With the rapid development of sheet metal processing industry, people put forward higher and higher requirements for the precision and appearance of products.Strictly speaking, a product with burrs is a substandard product.
    How to prevent burr when using laser cutting machine?
    Laser laser cutting machine is generally pulse laser.The optical output power per second varies in sheet metal processing, so it is inevitable that there will be slight inhomogeneity to the cutting surface.The cross section roughness can be reduced by increasing the laser output frequency.
    The laser cutting machine USES high purity auxiliary gas (auxiliary gas pressure of 12~15 kg) for auxiliary cutting, which can not only remove the waste residue produced, reduce the occurrence of burr, but also improve the surface finish of the section.
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