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Can a laser cutter cut rusty iron plates directly

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    Laser derusting: An effective method of derusting
    In our daily life, we use many tools or metal objects, but these things will rust when used for a long time or not cleaned with water.
    I believe that at this time, everyone's heart should be broken.If you use it, you can still use it.Not beautiful.Is too dirty.At this time, it should be dirty.Generally speaking, white vinegar is used at home.Some specialty is chemical derusting.Next, we'll talk about laser derusting which is technically known as laser cleaning.
    With the rapid development of science and technology, laser cleaning has the characteristics of non-grinding, non-contact, non-thermal effect and cleaning of various materials, which is considered to be the most reliable and effective solution.In addition, laser cleaning can solve problems that traditional cleaning methods cannot solve.
    Superior laser derusting:
1. Accurate and controllable: The rust removal area and thickness are accurate and controllable;
2. Uniform derusting quality: uniform laser life;
3. Intelligence: Easy to detect and control, intelligent process;
4. No damage: only remove surface pollutants;
5, easy to operate: non-contact, handheld, automatic cleaning;
6. Environmental protection: no chemical reagents, no noise.
    Even the Angle drop letters and bolts on the surface of the parts can be perfectly cleaned.Due to the high frequency and high power characteristics of laser, kilowatts or even 10,000 watts of energy can be concentrated in a small area.This kind of derusting is one-time, also avoids the chemical derusting to the human body may cause harm.
    Metal parts placed in a wet environment for a long time will rust on the metal surface, which will not only affect the appearance of the parts, but also have a great impact on the performance of the parts.For metal production, engineering construction, shipbuilding and other applications closely related to metal use, timely and thoroughly removing metal surface rust is a very important work.
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    Can a laser cutter cut rusty iron plates directly?
    In hot and humid areas, iron plate, carbon steel and other metal materials corrosion is a very normal phenomenon.Can you use a laser cutter to cut rusty steel plates directly?The answer, of course, is: No.
    We all know that a laser cutter is a clay product, but the laser of a laser cutter cannot do anything to a rusty surface.Since the laser itself cannot be used as a light source, heat can only be generated by absorbing the surface of the sheet workpiece.For rust-free materials and rusted materials, laser absorption is very different, the cutting effect is also different.
    For example, the cutting conditions of uniformly corroded plates are better than those of non-uniformly corroded plates.Since the absorption laser of the uniformly corroded plate is also uniform, it can be cut well.For materials with uneven surface corrosion, the surface condition of the material before cutting should be uniform.Of course, if conditions allow, it is recommended to use grinding machine to remove rust.
    For thick rust steel plate, if the laser cutting machine directly cutting rusty plate, it is easy to cause impermeable cutting, cutting quality is poor, and even slag splashing phenomenon, resulting in the damage of the protective lens, or even the focus lens, leading to the crack of the ceramic body.Therefore, if thick rusted material is to be cut, rust must be removed before cutting.
    Laser cleaner
    Accurate positioning, no damage to materials: Laser cleaning machine can clean aluminum, carbon, stainless steel, carbon fiber reinforced polymer or coating materials and other very sensitive material surface, no damage to materials.Or a laser is applied to the surface of the material to make it rough, thereby increasing the bond strength.

    Learn all the parts of the laser cutter and how it works in one minute
    Laser power supply for laser cutting machine: high voltage power supply for laser vibration.The resulting laser is guided by a reflector and an optical guidance system in the direction required to cut the workpiece.
    Laser oscillator: The main equipment for laser production
    Refractor: Used to direct the laser in the desired direction.To prevent beam path failure, all mirrors should be protected with a protective cover.
    Cutting torch: Cutting torch mainly includes gun body, focusing lens, auxiliary gas nozzle and other parts.
    Cutting working platform: used to place the workpiece to be cut and can move correctly and accurately according to the control program, usually driven by servo motor.
    Cutting torch driving device: It is used to drive the cutting torch along x axis and Z axis according to the program. It is composed of servo motor, screw rod and other driving parts.
    CNC device: controls the motion of the cutting platform and the cutting flashlight, and controls the laser output power.
    Operation panel: It is used to control the working process of the whole cutting device.
    Gas cylinder: includes laser working medium gas cylinder and auxiliary gas cylinder, used to supplement laser vibration working gas and cutting auxiliary gas.
    Cooling water circulating device: used for cooling laser oscillator.A laser is a device for converting electrical energy into light energy.For example, the conversion efficiency of CO2 gas lasers is generally 20%.The remaining 80% of the energy is converted into heat.The cooling water carries away the extra heat to keep the oscillator running.
    Dryer: Used to provide clean dry air to the laser oscillator and beam channel to keep the channel and reflector running properly.
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