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What should we do before the CNC engraving machine starts

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    CNC engraving machine should do the following work before starting
    Be prepared before starting CNC engraving machine to avoid equipment failure and normal use due to improper operation.Next, yoda CNC engraving machine manufacturer will explain in detail how to do the specific work for you.
    1. Operators should be familiar with the performance, processing range and accuracy of the machine tool according to the operation manual of woodworking CNC engraving machine, and master the functions and operation methods of the machine tool and its CNC device or each part of the computer.
    2. Check whether each switch, knob and handle are in the correct position.
    3. Start the control electrical parts and preheat as required.
    4. Start the NC engraving machine to idle state, check the sensitivity of each switch, button, knob and handle, and check whether the lubrication system is normal.
    5. Familiar with machining path and workpiece source.
    6. Work environment
    (1) Ensure the ambient temperature of the operating room, pay special attention to the temperature of the operating room in winter.CNC engraving machine to reach room temperature, at least CNC engraving machine manufacturer's technicians will not feel very cold.
    (2) When the machine is not in use, if the room temperature is too low, pour the water into the outlet box to prevent the water tank and water pipe from breaking.Temperature on the cabinet door CNC engraving machine impact is not big, but because many customers in the lead screw to add butter, winter forget to clean the lead screw, so every time when the boot can not be opened.In some workshops, the temperature is so low that although the oil is added, it is still frozen and the machine cannot operate.
    (3) Check the applicable temperature of refueling standard, and at least reach Zui low temperature.
    (4) The humidity in the operating room should not be too high, otherwise the electrical part of the machine is easy to be consumed.
    (5) Pay attention to the electromagnetic interference in the operating room.If the interference is too large, easy to affect the processing accuracy of CNC engraving machine cabinet door.
    7. Cleanliness
    Jinan after using CNC engraving machine, we must pay attention to clean the dust on the desk and sawdust, and exposed electrical accessories, including the guide rail and slide block machine, including machine screw and spindle motor, industrial control box, especially the dust in the industrial control box is a bit more will cause problems in the operation of the circuit board, and easy to breakpoints and running around.
    8. Computer repair
    (1) Regularly clean the dust in the cabinet, regularly use the air mist gun and small brush to clean, pay attention to too much dust will cause the industrial control card fall off.Pay attention to the heat dissipation of the chassis, especially in the summer, and pay attention to the control line temperature is too high to burn the circuit board and other equipment.
    (2) Regularly clean up computer garbage and disk debris, optimize the computer system, and maintain the stability of the computer system.
    (2) Check and kill computer viruses regularly, but be careful not to turn on the anti-virus level when working, and be careful of interference.
    To improve the utilization of the system.CNC engraving machine, CNC engraving machine manufacturers recommend that you prepare in advance.You can run the device, check that it is working properly, and then formally work to avoid problems in later use.
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    CNC engraving machine in use should pay attention to the specification
    In the use of CNC engraving machine must pay attention to the specification, according to the relevant operation methods, do maintenance work.The following CNC engraving machine manufacturers will give you detailed specifications.
    1. Woodworking CNC engraving machine engraving, in the upper and lower rigid, first of all to remove the carving tools, to avoid sharp cutting tools caused damage to the operator;
    2. In the carving process, remember to put on gloves to clean up the carving fragments, or touch the carving spindle. The spindle runs at high speed, which may easily roll the gloves and hands together, causing hidden dangers;
    3. Do not operate at will during the operation of CNC engraving machine.If there is a fault, should first cut off the power supply, and then carry out maintenance, in order to avoid high-speed CNC engraving machine to the operator caused damage;
    4. Do not disturb the electrical appliances and circuits in the distribution cabinet, so as to avoid unnecessary failure lights caused by electric shock or interference with the circuits.If there are problems with the distribution cabinet and control system, you need to find a woodworking CNC engraving machine manufacturer to solve them in time.
    5. The operation of CNC engraving machine looks very simple, but there are also many operational requirements and specifications need to pay attention to.It has to be rigorously trained and evaluated to be effective.To this end, CNC engraving machine is specially equipped with CNC engraving machine training, that is, zero basic training for customers, from the operation of CNC engraving machine, use, knife path design, relief programming, CNC engraving machine maintenance and maintenance, troubleshooting and other full system training.
    CNC engraving machine, as a kind of automatic mechanical production equipment, must pay attention to the standard operation in the daily operation and use process, and timely find the problems reported by the manufacturer.In the process of daily use, accumulated more experience, can better improve the level of operation, and play the performance of CNC engraving machine.
    Once CNC engraving machine if found fault, should first stop, and then repair, so as not to affect the normal use of the follow-up.It is suggested that users can repair the equipment in accordance with the above methods.
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