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How much is a Laser Rust Remover

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After long-term use, metal workpieces will undergo oxidation reactions under atmospheric and environmental conditions, resulting in rust and corrosion, which will seriously affect the service life of workpieces and equipment. Traditional rust removal methods involve sandblasting and mechanical cleaning, which lack the protection of equipment substrates, and laser rust removers offer a better method.

The principle of laser rust remover

The principle of laser rust removal is to use pulsed laser or continuous laser to irradiate the metal surface, and the rust layer can instantly absorb laser energy to peel or evaporate from the material surface. Even for special-shaped metal workpieces, the laser rust remover can also perform rust removal operations. The laser is selective, so rust and oxide layers on the surface can be removed wherever the laser can be irradiated.
Laser rust removal

How does a laser rust remover work

The laser rust removal machine is a handheld laser cleaning machine composed of a fiber laser generator, a laser rust removal gun, and a laser rust removal system. The laser rust removal machine transmits the laser beam generated by the laser generator to the laser rust removal gun through the laser rust removal system, and uses the laser beam emitted by the laser rust removal gun to scan the metal surface for rust removal.

How much is the laser rust remover

Laser rust removal tool is more expensive than traditional cleaning equipment because they are priced differently. Laser rust removal machines are expensive to buy, but they can be reused and do not require consumables. The longer they are used, the lower the operating costs. This means you will pay for itself within a year. Traditional cleaning equipment is cheap, but the rust removal process has always required the use of consumables to complete the cleaning work, such as chemicals, dry ice, sandblasting abrasives and other media. This rust removal method, the longer the use time, the higher the cost.
Laser rust remover
The price of laser rust remover mainly depends on different configurations. For example, the laser type and the laser power.
The 100W portable laser rust remover adopts a pulsed laser generator, which can better control the heat input and prevent the substrate from being slightly soluble due to excessive temperature. Therefore, the 100W pulse laser cleaning machine is suitable for rust removal of parts with high precision. The high precision of the pulse laser rust remover determines its higher price. Generally, the price of a 100W pulse laser cleaning machine starts at 10,200.
Laser rust remover with continuous laser generators are cheaper. The 1000W hand laser rust remover starts at $7,700, the 1500W laser rust remover starts from $8,700, and the high-power 2000W laser rust remover starts from $11,400. This type of laser cleaning machine is suitable for metal workpieces with large heat areas, such as derusting on the surface of mechanical equipment, derusting on the surface of pipes, and derusting on tire molds.
If you purchase three or more laser rust removal equipment at one time, you will enjoy a discount of $400 per machine. ACCTEK provides you with the laser rust remover factory price, allowing you to buy affordable laser rust removal equipment.
In addition to the type and power of the laser, there are many factors that affect the cost of a laser rust remover. This involves various conditions such as freight, brand, after-sales service, etc. Want to know how much you need to pay to buy a laser rust removal machine, communicate online to get your exclusive purchase plan.

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