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Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine applied for mold cleaning

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Molds are widely used in industrial production, but during long-term use of molds, black dirt will form on the surface due to high temperature. The traditional way of cleaning molds is to use mold cleaners, which are complicated in cleaning steps. After cleaning, they need to be polished with a soft cloth and waited for drying, which takes a long time. As laser technology has matured, laser cleaning machine have become an economical alternative to traditional methods for mold cleaning.
Laser cleaning machine
Laser cleaning machines have obvious advantages in cleaning dirt on molds. Because the laser cleaning mold adopts a non-contact cleaning method, no other chemical substances are used in the cleaning process, only the laser beam is irradiated on the surface of the workpiece, and the metal mold can be cleaned by scanning back and forth. Laser cleaning technology can quickly and safely remove difficult-to-treat contaminants without chemical waste.

Laser Cleaning Food Mould

The safety and pollution-free advantages of laser cleaning machines make them popular in the food processing industry. Using laser cleaning technology, grease deposits on metal baking pans and baking molds can be quickly cleaned without any residue and contamination.

Laser cleaning Tire Mold

Laser cleaning technology has great flexibility and can be cleaned with precise positioning, which has great advantages in cleaning tire molds. Due to the geometric diversity and tight texture of the contours of tire molds, it is difficult to clean thoroughly using traditional cleaning methods. The laser can be easily focused on the parts that need to be cleaned, effectively removing the parts that are not easy to clean such as dead corners of tire molds. For complex shaped molds, the final product after laser cleaning is much finer than other cleaning methods.
Laser cleaning tire mold

Laser Cleaning Parts Forming Mould

The laser cleaning machine can clean almost any mold used in the manufacture of rubber or glass bottles. The entire cleaning process gently and safely removes dirt from the surface of the mold without causing wear and deformation to the mold. This non-destructive cleaning method extends the life of the mold.
Laser cleaning parts forming mould
Laser cleaning solutions can overcome many of the problems faced by rust removal and other industrial cleaning applications. If you are not sure about the cleaning effect of a laser cleaning machine on a certain material, we can provide you with cleaning videos so that you can judge directly. If you want to get the working video of the laser cleaning machine, you can get it from the staff online.

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