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How to choose the best laser cleaning machine for rust removal

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Rusting is inevitable and is a chemical reaction, essentially an oxidation of the metal. The most common rusting phenomenon is the oxidation of iron products exposed to air and oxygen for a long time, or the erosion of oxygen in water to become oxides. But to continue using the machine, the rust on the metal surface needs to be cleaned. Laser cleaning machine opens a new generation of rust/paint/oil removal works, which helps a lot for this industry. Laser cleaning machine has the advantages that traditional cleaning does not have, and which is gradually replacing traditional cleaning method.

Why use fiber laser cleaning machine?

1. Environmental-friendly cleaning: do not use any chemical agents, cleaning the waste for solid harmless powder, can completely solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by chemical cleaning.
2. Low-cost cleaning: the initial investment in a laser cleaning system is not low, but can be long-term stable use, long service life, low operating costs, fast, efficient, time-saving, soon to get a return on investment, for long-term work, the cost is lower than traditional cleaning methods.
3. Precision and accurate cleaning: fiber laser cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning all kinds of dirt/paint/oil/oxidized layers on the metals or on the equipment surface, compared to traditional cleaning by chemicals, it is an environment-friendly way for cleaning works, no discharge of pollutants
4. Low damage to the metal surface, and almost no damage to the substrate.
Laser rust removal

Application of fiber laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning machine is suitable for small area descaling, most cleaning high value-added products, such as: precision parts cleaning, aerospace components, military industry, nuclear power industry, parts micro-processing, high fine cleaning, environmental cleaning methods, high precision industry cleaning, slide cleaning, shipyard parts cleaning, semiconductor processing, rollers, precision parts, welded welds.
Laser cleaning machines can replace pickling phosphating cleaning equipment, and can also be used for stainless steel weld channel welding spot cleaning, titanium alloy cleaning, and welded parts cleaning.

How to choose the best fiber laser cleaning machine for rust removal?

1. Two types of laser to choose
At present, the mainstream laser cleaning machine, mainly has two types, one is the pulse laser cleaning machine, and the other is a continuous laser cleaning machine.
Pulse laser cleaning machine can do zero damage to the substrate after cleaning the dirt, suitable for cleaning products with high requirements on the surface of the substrate; continuous laser cleaning high efficient, suitable for cleaning large areas, such as steel plate rust removal, paint removal, shipyard rust removal, etc.
2. The difference and application of the two lasers
After the cleaning of the pulse laser machine, the sample surface of the paint layer is completely removed, the surface of the sample appears metallic white, and almost no damage to the sample substrate. After using a continuous laser machine, the surface of the sample is also completely removed, but the surface of the sample appears gray-black, and the substrate of the sample also appears micro-melting phenomenon. Therefore, the pulse laser cleaner will cause less damage to the substrate than a continuous laser.
There’s test shows that both continuous and pulsed lasers can remove the rust from the surface of the material and achieve the cleaning effect. With the same powers, pulse laser cleaner has a better cleaning effect than Continuous laser. Meanwhile, the pulsed laser can better control the heat input and prevent the substrate from over temperature or micro-melting.
Laser cleaning machine
3. How to make a choice between the two lasers?
Actually, Continuous lasers is better in price than pulse laser cleaner. To bridge the gap in efficiency with pulsed lasers, continuous laser cleaner adopts high power lasers, but the heat input of high power continuous light is greater and the degree of damage to the substrate increases. Therefore, there is a fundamental difference between the two in application scenarios. Application scenarios with high precision, requiring strict control of substrate temperature rise and requiring no damage to the substrate, such as molds, are recommended for choosing pulsed lasers. For some large steel structures, pipelines, etc., due to the large volume of heat dissipation fast, the substrate damage requirements are not high, then you can choose continuous laser cleaning machine.

Still don’t know which machine is best for rust removal?

Jinan AccTek Machinery has been engaged in fiber laser cleaning machines for several years, there’s a 100w-1000w pulse(mopa) laser cleaning machine to choose from for high precision cleaning works. For pulse laser cleaning machine, there are still two types. Top hat laser with the center of the laser strongest, which is suitable for thick Rust. The other one is Top Flat laser with the laser distribution evenly, which is soft and causes less damage to the surface of the materials. There’s also top laser source for you to choose from: JPT/MAX/Raycus/IPG brand laser source.
Also, there are continuous machines to choose from 1000w to 3000w, with Raycus/JPT/MAX/RECI/IPG laser sources to choose from. The higher power comes with a stronger laser, you can choose according to the thickness of your rust layers. If you don’t know which to choose, you can contact the AccTek Team to know.
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