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Laser Cleaning Machines VS other Industrial Cleaning Methods

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Laser cleaning machine is an effective solution for modern industrial cleaning. Why are more and more manufacturers choosing the laser cleaning process? Here is a comparison of various cleaning methods to provide you with the answer.

Sandblasting and fiber laser cleaning

Sandblasting is the use of compressed air to spray materials on the surface of the workpiece by high-speed air pressure. Commonly used materials are copper ore sand, quartz sand, emery, iron sand, Hainan sand, etc. Although this method is simple and effective, the consumption of sandblasting media is large and the cost is high. In addition, because the blast cleaning uses high pressure to impact the surface of the workpiece, the surface can obtain a certain degree of cleanliness. This will cause damage to the surface of the material and is not conducive to long-term use.
The fiber laser cleaning machine does not need cleaning medium, it can be used when it is powered on, and the operating cost is low. Moreover, laser cleaning adopts a non-contact cleaning method, which will not damage the surface of the material due to particle impact.

Dry Ice Blasting and Fiber Laser Cleaning

Dry ice blasting has similar characteristics to sand blasting. Its advantage is that there is no problem of waste recycling and disposal, but dry ice is expensive and difficult to transport and store. Since the use of dry ice can lead to the build-up of carbon dioxide, a well-ventilated space is required or it can be dangerous to the operator. Additionally, when using dry ice blasting, operators need to wear multiple layers of protective gear, including gloves, jackets and earmuffs, to keep them warm and safe.
The fiber laser cleaning process has no special ventilation requirements and poses little risk to the operator of hearing damage. Compared to dry ice blasting, laser cleaning is much safer and you only need to wear laser safety goggles.
Laser Cleaning and Dry Ice Blasting

Laser Cleaning and Dry Ice Blasting

Chemical Cleaning and Fiber Laser Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is good for cleaning the entire surface contamination of the material, but selective cleaning is not easy. Due to increasing environmental requirements, the disposal of chemical waste is an increasingly difficult and costly challenge.
The laser cleaning machine does not require chemical agents, does not produce chemical pollutants, and is more environmentally friendly and safe. Unlike chemical cleaning, lasers are selective and can be easily focused into very small corners for precise and localized cleaning without affecting adjacent materials. And laser cleaning does not need to wait for drying time, and the cleaned workpiece can be used immediately.

Mechanical cleaning and fiber laser cleaning

Mechanical cleaning is to rub the surface of the material with tools to remove contaminants. This cleaning method has high cleanliness, but it is easy to damage the substrate.
The fiber laser cleaning machine adopts a non-contact cleaning method to effectively protect the surface of the substrate from damage.
Laser cleaning machine rust removal not only has the above advantages, but more importantly, its cleaning effect is very good. Whether it's laser rust removal, laser paint removal, laser degreasing, or laser coating removal, you'll get finer results than other cleaning methods.
Laser Paint Removal and Laser Rust Removal

Laser Paint Removal and Laser Rust Removal

Every component of ACCTEK fiber laser cleaning machine delivers consistent, reliable performance with little or no maintenance. Contact us if you want to buy an affordable laser cleaning machine.

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