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How to choose the Right Laser Cleaning Machine

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Whether wet conditions are rusting your metal workpieces or old paint is starting to peel off your equipment, you need a cleaning solution that is both safe and effective. Laser cleaning machines can efficiently remove rust, paint, oil or other contaminants, but how can you choose the right laser cleaning machine for your needs? Are there different types of them and what should you know before buying?

Before we can provide you with the right laser cleaner, we need to know what type of product you are cleaning and what are the main contaminants on such products. According to this issue, we need to communicate with you the following points:
General size, area and geometry of the workpiece to be cleaned
Material base
Type and thickness of contamination
required cleaning rate
Requirements related to laser process operation
Once we better understand your application, we will test our laser cleaning machines for the best laser configuration for your needs. We can provide you with laser cleaning videos so that you can intuitively understand the effect of laser cleaning.
Laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning machine types and prices

Pulse laser cleaning machine
The 100W laser cleaning machine uses a pulsed laser, which can better control the heat input and prevent the substrate from being slightly soluble due to high temperature. Therefore, the 100W portable laser cleaning machine is suitable for application scenarios with high precision and no damage to the substrate. Such as restoration of historical relics, precious works of art, precision instruments, electronic equipment and any other products that require gentle cleaning.
The high precision of the pulse laser cleaning machine determines the higher cost of the laser, so the 100W laser cleaning machine price is often more than 10,000 US dollars.
Continuous laser cleaning machine
The continuous laser cleaning machine has a price advantage and is an ideal choice for industrial cleaning. It has a faster cleaning speed and allows a larger area of ​​cleaning, and has a good effect on rust removal on the surface of mechanical equipment, paint stripping on retreaded products, and tire mold cleaning.
The power of the continuous laser cleaning machine produced by the ACCTEK factory is 1000W-2000W. The 1000W laser cleaning machine price is only $7700. If you buy three or more laser cleaning equipment at one time, you can buy it at a price of $7300 per unit.

Which products need laser cleaning

From metal to non-metallic materials, if your product is covered with rust, grease, oil, cement, paint or other contaminants, then a laser cleaning machine can provide the solution for you. In addition to this, the laser cleaning machine can also clean the surface of the material before welding or brushing for better welding results and paint adhesion.
Laser Cleaning Applications

What are the benefits of choosing ACCTEK laser cleaning machine

Before you buy a laser cleaning machine, we will provide professional cleaning solutions according to your needs. After you determine the cleaning plan, we will provide you with a laser cleaning video that is consistent with your cleaning needs. Everything is in order and we will produce a custom laser cleaning machine for you.
After you receive the laser cleaning equipment, we have professional engineers to provide you with a series of technical support such as installation, operation and troubleshooting. Our goal is to provide you with safe and effective laser operation training.
Since there are so many factors that go into choosing the right laser rust remover, the only way to determine the best laser cleaning solution for your shop is to speak with one of our laser experts. He will answer all your questions and walk you through the steps to choose the right laser cleaner.

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