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The development of fiber laser cutting machines in China

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The development of fiber laser cutting machines over the last decade has been a revolutionary technological breakthrough for the laser industry, with particularly rapid growth in the Chinese market. Fibre laser cutting machines are now widely used in industrial applications, with laser processing technologies such as laser welding, laser cutting, laser marking and laser cleaning, together driving the laser industry market.
The trend of laser processing showing high power development is very obvious, constantly exploring the height of the cutting metal thickness. Data shows that the fiber laser cutting machine has become the mainstream of metal cutting applications since the overall installed average power of the market has increased year by year.
fiber laser cutting machine
Today's laser power grading serious, the overall market distribution has formed a pyramid form, the top of the pyramid is more than 10,000W fiber laser cutting machine, accounting for only a few. The middle layer is 3000W-8000W power, but also the current in the faster development of the field, the bottom is the power of 3000W or less, at present, less application. Although the current market for 10,000W fiber laser cutting  machine is very hot, back to the actual application, the use of high power laser machine is actually not much, the market usage of medium power is returning rapidly.
In fact, this pyramid structure is not static, according to the current market, the next five years or so, the fiber laser cutting machine market will be biased toward the middle stage, the pyramid structure will be transformed into a diamond form structure, the upper and lower small and middle large. The current market price of low power metal laser cutting machine has been gradually reduced, high power equipment price in recent years will not have much change, and low power equipment and low power prices have been similar, for economic and cost considerations, 6000W and 12000W laser cutting machine will gradually replace other power.
Metal laser cutting machine has been the largest segment of the laser processing equipment market in China. In addition to traditional plate laser cutting machines and tube laser cutting machines, large-format bevel laser cutting machines as well as three-dimensional and five-axis laser cutting machines for thermoformed sheets have become popular in recent years.
plate and tube fiber laser cutting machine
Capital investment in China's laser industry is increasing, as is government support, particularly from local governments, through their industrial policies and "laser parks or clusters". These laser parks are designed to achieve industrial scale and clustering and to support the local industry chain. These measures will give the Chinese laser industry a huge advantage. 
There is no doubt that the fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer is undergoing a new round of transformation and upgrading. In the future, we will need to scale new heights in order to give the industry more momentum. For example, expanding the functional versatility of equipment can be achieved with modular designs and multi-module combination designs, enabling new equipment suitable for different materials and processes. In addition, fiber laser cutting equipment will see more use in new infrastructure, rail transportation, shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive, engineering machinery, medical equipment, kitchen and bathroom hardware, lighting industry, sheet metal processing and other fields to achieve industrial upgrading and high-end substitution; escorting high-quality, high-precision, efficient and flexible processing and manufacturing.
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