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Laser cleaning machine cleaning metal welds

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We have talked a lot about the application of laser cleaning machine in the industrial field, which also proves that laser cleaning technology has become an application trend. Among them, laser rust removal and laser paint stripping are the most widely used fields of laser cleaning machines, so what about welding seam cleaning after metal welding? What is the effect of laser cleaning machine?
laser cleaning machine
The welding seam is a seam formed by melting and connecting the welding wire and the metal at the welding seam by using the high temperature of the welding heat source. After welding, the metal workpiece usually faces the problem of black welding spots around the weld. It is very difficult to clean the welding seam by traditional methods. Especially light alloy materials such as aluminum alloys, they usually have a layer of oxide or hydroxide on their surface. Surface layers of these types of materials may affect the fusion joining process due to hydrogen entrapment in the fusion zone.
Most cleaning methods used in the past have relied on chemicals that react with metal surfaces. Among them, the use of chemical agents to remove the oxide layer is one of the main methods. In addition, sandblasting, silicon carbide polishing and plasma etching are also considered as treatment methods for the weld surface. While these cleaning methods can remove unwanted surface layers, the use and storage of these substances can harm workers' physical health and can increase environmental and safety risks. Also, due to the use of liquids in the cleaning process, it is difficult to avoid hydrogen trapping, which will lead to porosity in the weld.
With the rapid development and popularization of laser technology, laser cleaning machines are gradually becoming popular in the industrial field, and their applications in metal material cleaning are also more extensive. In the face of these traditional welding seam cleaning problems, the application of laser cleaning machines provides an effective solution. Using a laser cleaning machine to clean the weld seam after metal welding can ensure the sealing of the welding port after welding. On the other hand, the aesthetics of metal workpieces can also be improved after laser cleaning of the weld seam. In addition, fiber laser cleaning has many application advantages in welding seam cleaning.
laser cleaning metal weld
1. Precise cleaning. Laser cleaning system can achieve precise positioning and selective cleaning of local locations.
2. Laser cleaning does not need any chemical cleaning industry, and there is no welding material, which not only saves costs, but also does not pollute the environment, making it safer and more environmentally friendly.
3. The laser cleaning system is easy to operate and can be used after power on. The handheld laser cleaning gun is comfortable to hold.
4. The laser cleaning seam efficiency is very high, saving working time.
5. The laser cleaning system is stable and requires almost no maintenance, saving users maintenance costs.
In addition to cleaning the weld seam after welding, the laser cleaning machine can also pre-clean the surface of the material before metal welding. In this way, the debris on the metal surface can be washed away, and welding defects such as pores, slag inclusions, and unfusion can be avoided in subsequent welding operations.
If you need both laser cleaning and laser welding, then a fiber welder cleaning machine will be the best choice. ACCTEK fiber welder cleaning machine upgrades the welding function on the basis of the laser cleaning machine. For different application scenarios, users can easily and quickly replace the corresponding laser gun and system, making tedious processing simple and efficient. The fiber welder cleaning machine can take into account the needs of laser cleaning before and after welding, and is convenient and efficient to help users achieve the best welding effect.
laser welder cleaning machine
According to the different types of laser generators, laser cleaning machines are divided into pulsed laser cleaning and continuous laser cleaning. For the welds formed by different metal materials, it is necessary to choose different types of laser cleaning machines to achieve good results. If you have laser cleaning and laser welding needs, chat online for more information.

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