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Why choose fiber tube laser cutting machine

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With the continuous development of industry and manufacturing, there is an increasing demand for the use of pipe to process parts. Pipe manufacturing is widely used in construction machinery, fitness equipment, automobile manufacturing, transportation, petrochemical, aircraft manufacturing and other fields. In order to meet the needs of pipe production, professional laser tube cutting machines came into being. The tube laser cutting machine has many advantages such as fast cutting speed and high quality of processed products, providing technical support for mass production of tubes.
tube laser cutting machine
In industrial production, pipes have the advantages of light structure, good formability, and low production costs, so metal pipe cutting plays an important role in the manufacturing industry. Due to the different uses of the pipe, the metal manufacturers have different requirements for its shape, size, etc. When processing metal pipe workpieces, in order to obtain higher quality of finished products, it is very important to choose appropriate processing equipment and processing technology.
Before laser technology was applied to metal cutting, traditional metal pipe cutting methods mainly included grinding wheel cutting, hand saw cutting, gas welding cutting, sawing machine cutting, roller extrusion, etc. These metal cutting methods basically have the disadvantages of low processing efficiency and high labor intensity. With the development of laser technology, it has become more and more mature in the field of metal cutting, and its advantages are more obvious. The tube laser cutting machine has been favored by many enterprises since its inception due to its advantages of high efficiency and high precision. Therefore, the combination of tube cutting and laser technology makes the field of metal tube cutting have broader development prospects.

The composition and working principle of the optical fiber tube laser cutting machine

The development of laser cutting technology from sheet metal cutting to metal tube cutting has greatly improved the processing efficiency of metal tubes. Tube laser cutting machine is a high-end CNC equipment for precision processing and cutting of metal pipe raw materials. It consists of fiber laser generator, carrying bed, laser cutting head, pipe chuck, cooling device and metal cutting system.
There is little difference between the cutting principle of the tube laser cutting machine and the plate metal laser cutting machine . They both use laser irradiation to cut and hollow out various graphics on the pipe fittings and profiles. This is a machining method that does not touch the surface of the workpiece, so no pressure is applied to the tube wall during the entire machining process, causing the outer surface of the tube to deform or collapse.

Advantages of fiber tube laser cutting machine

1. Laser tube cutting machine is a high-tech product integrating CNC technology, laser cutting and precision machinery. With the characteristics of professionalism, high speed, high precision, high efficiency and high cost performance, it is the first choice of metal pipe cutting equipment for large and medium-sized enterprises.
2. The laser tube cutting machine has excellent spatial controllability (direction change, rotation, scanning, etc.) and time controllability (on, off, pulse interval), which is easy to control. It has a large degree of freedom, and has strong adaptability to the material, shape, size and processing environment of the pipe, and can even cut metal materials with strong symmetry such as I-beam and angle steel.
laser cutting metal tube
3. The laser tube cutting machine controls the cutting process through a professional CNC system, so when changing the diameter or shape of the pipe, only the program needs to be modified. With good flexibility, the operation is very convenient.
4. Due to the high precision of laser cutting and less burrs, the time consumed by subsequent processing is greatly reduced.
5. The laser cutting effect is higher, providing technical support for the large-scale production of pipe workpieces by enterprises.

Application of fiber tube laser cutting machine

The laser tube cutting machine combines the laser cutting system with the computer numerical control technology to form an efficient automation equipment. Laser cutting metal is a high-quality, efficient, and low-cost processing technology. Therefore, fiber laser cutting machine is a process that can replace mechanical drilling, milling, sawing, punching and other equipment and tools to process different metal pipes.
As a special laser cutting equipment, the tube laser cutting machine is mainly used for standard metal pipes (round pipes, rectangular pipes, elliptical pipes, etc.), profiles (channel steel, angle steel, etc.) and some special-shaped pipes. It can realize cutting, chamfering, slotting or opening, scribing and other shape features of complex tube structures, and is widely used in sheet metal processing, automobiles, medical equipment, hardware, construction machinery, and fitness equipment industries.
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