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Advantages of myriawatt laser cutting machine for industrial development

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Laser cutting processing technology has become an important supporting technology for the transformation and upgrading of national industries. It is the most advanced metal processing and manufacturing technology in the contemporary era and represents the development trend of the manufacturing industry in the future. The application of myriawatt laser processing technology has further expanded and upgraded the application field of laser cutting. With the gradual maturity of the process, fiber laser cutting machine has been widely recognized by the market. In addition, the national industrial upgrading urgently needs advanced technology to replace the traditional process. Myriawatt laser cutting machine is a rising trend, and the future has come!

1. Advantages of ultra high power laser cutting machine in production efficiency

The maximum laser cutting speed of 10000 watt laser cutting machine for metal processing can reach 120m/s, which is unmatched by traditional processing methods. High speed machining saves both labor cost and production time. The important thing is that the traditional processing method requires a series of complex operations such as measuring and scribing the workpiece before processing, which is also a waste of time. The fiber laser cutting machine saves this step. It can quickly process the finished product by inputting the drawn patterns, effectively improving the production efficiency.

2. Advantages of ultra high power laser cutting machine in sheet thickness

At present, the fiber laser cutting machine can be completely used in the field of metal processing. Whether it is a common metal material such as stainless steel and carbon steel, or a difficult high anti reflective material such as aluminum plate, the fiber laser metal cutting machine can easily handle without pressure. With the continuous increase of the power of the laser cutting machine, the thickness of the metal plate that can be processed is also increasing. The thickness of stainless steel processed by myriawatt laser cutting machine can now reach 120mm. With the increase of the thickness of processed materials, the manufacturer with a ultra high laser cutting machine can have more development directions, expand business, produce more products, speed up product renewal and improve market competitiveness.
Fiber laser cutting can make up for the shortcomings of traditional cutting methods, especially the development of ultra high power laser cutting, which solves the limitations of laser cutting in thick plate cutting in the past, and is favored by more and more terminal sheet metal processing users.
20KW laser cutting machine

Take two graphic workpieces as an example to compare myriawatt laser metal cutting with traditional metal cutting.

Case 1: Gear
Application industry: engineering machinery, rail transit, automation equipment, etc
In addition to its unique advantages in thick plate cutting, myriawatt laser metal cutting equipment is also extremely powerful in processing high-precision parts. For the same gear workpiece, the high temperature generated during plasma cutting will passivate the sharp corner of the gear, and the cutting end face is rough and unsmooth with low accuracy. Therefore, the milling machine is required to finish the fillet gear into sharp corner gear for the second time; The sharp corners can be cut at one time with smooth section by using myriawatt laser cutting machine, which can meet the high-precision requirements of more industries such as aerospace, electric power equipment, petroleum equipment, automobile manufacturing, etc.
Case 2: Aluminum curtain wall, aluminum window grilles
Application industry: building and curtain wall industry
For complex graphics, the traditional processing method is basically unable to complete at one time, which requires the combination of multiple equipment and processes to process, and the effect is often not satisfactory; The flexible laser cutting technology can process arbitrary graphics with a single device, which is faster and more effective than traditional processing methods.
In terms of thick plate metal curtain wall graphics, the traditional processing method of 10-25mm thick aluminum curtain walls and window grilles requires the combination of cnc engraving machine and wire cutting. The cnc engraving machine cannot make sharp corners. Wire cutting costs are high, efficiency is extremely low, and size is limited. If high power laser cutting is adopted, it can be completed by one device at one time, with fast speed, low cost, good surface finish, and can also process various super large and complex patterns.

How to select the appropriate myriawatt laser cutting machine?

The selection of products should be based on the market application needs. For customers, it is the king's way to select cost-effective laser cutting machine according to the needs of specific application scenarios. Customers can comprehensively measure the processing demand, cost demand and service demand.
First of all, in terms of processing requirements, different customers have different requirements for cutting thickness, speed and processing efficiency of plates. Therefore, when selecting laser cutting machine, it is necessary to consider the actual processing demand of daily factory cutting plates and thicknesses.
Secondly, under the condition of maximizing the current processing demand, the use cost of products is also a major measurement factor. The use cost of the laser metal cutting machine can be comprehensively compared from the electro-optical conversion efficiency, shutdown cost, purchase price and other factors of the product.
Finally, laser metal cutting machine is a bulk commodity with high unit price and long service life, regardless of factors such as product performance parameters (beam quality, electro-optic conversion efficiency, stability, etc.) and plate cutting demand. Customers also need to focus on product warranty and after-sales issues, and from this point of view, it is a better choice to select a large brand of laser cutting machine.
myriawatt laser cutting machine

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