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Trolley case portable laser cleaning machine for sale

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With the increasing application of laser cleaning machines in the industrial cleaning market, in order to meet the cleaning needs in different situations, laser cleaning machine manufacturers have begun to develop more styles and types of laser cleaning equipment. Among them, the trolley box laser cleaning machine is welcomed by many users for its light and portable features.
We also call the trolley case laser cleaning machine a portable laser cleaning machine or a small laser cleaning machine. Its biggest feature is its compact body, which is easy to carry to any workplace with cleaning needs. The body size of this small laser cleaning machine is 680×500×230mm, and the weight is 30kg. The body adopts the design of a trolley suitcase, which is very easy to move and carry. This is a machine designed to be able to move at any time with the needs of the work, such as outdoor cleaning operations, high-altitude cleaning operations and other operations where the cleaning location is not fixed. Under this kind of work demand, the portability of the machine is very important.
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Many users will ask about its quality when purchasing this portable laser cleaning machine. They are worried that the design of the trolley case is not as strong as the resistance of the metal shell laser cleaning machine, and they are afraid that the machine will be damaged during the process of moving the machine. In fact, there is no need to worry about this, because the shell of this trolley case laser cleaning machine is made of integrated high-strength injection molding. It is as strong as a metal casing laser cleaning machine.
In traditional dry ice cleaning or chemical cleaning, operators need to wear heavy protective clothing to ensure that their health is not endangered, which increases the complexity and fatigue of the cleaning process. Therefore, since the advent of fiber laser cleaning machines, more and more companies have chosen laser cleaning to replace other industrial cleaning processes.
The portable laser cleaning machine is equipped with a handheld laser cleaning gun. The button and the handle are integrated. The laser head is light and flexible, and the weight is less than 1kg. Compared with other traditional industrial cleaning equipment, the operation of fiber laser cleaning machine is the simplest. The operator only needs to wear laser goggles, hold a laser cleaning gun, point the laser beam at the surface of the material to be cleaned for scanning, and then quickly and effectively complete rust removal or other cleaning projects.
portable laser cleaning machine
This portable laser cleaning machine provided by ACCTEK uses MOPA 100W fiber laser with adjustable pulse width, which can expand more applications. From short pulse width and high peak power to long pulse width and large pulse energy, it can meet different application scenarios. Short pulse width can reduce heat input, reduce thermal effect, and improve the oxidation and discoloration of some substrates. Large pulse energy can improve cleaning ability and improve the efficiency of laser rust removal and other applications. In addition, the pulsed laser can better control the heat input, so it can effectively prevent the substrate temperature from being too high to cause slight melting. This feature makes it widely used in work scenarios that require high non-damage to the substrate, such as cleaning of precision instruments, precious metals, historical relics and other items.
The advantages of fiber laser cleaning machines are far more than those introduced above. After the birth of a new type of equipment, the most important feature that can quickly occupy the market must be the remarkable effect and controllable cost. Laser cleaning adopts a non-contact method, which has stronger positioning accuracy, not only does not damage the foundation, but also has a fine cleaning effect, which is the main reason for its rapid popularity. In addition, although the price of the laser cleaning machine is relatively high at the initial stage of purchase, it only consumes a small amount of electricity during use, does not require any consumables, and does not require high technical requirements for workers. Therefore, during long-term use, it is an industrial cleaning method with the lowest operating cost and labor cost.
Although fiber laser cleaning machine is accepted by more and more users, many users who are accustomed to using traditional cleaning processes may still have doubts about laser cleaning. If you are still not sure about the laser cleaning system, you can communicate with us online, and our engineers will provide you with a laser cleaning test video, so that you can clearly understand whether laser cleaning is suitable for your workshop project.

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