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Laser Cleaning Machine provide industrial cleaning solution

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Laser technology has been widely used in the industrial field, and one of the amazing creations of laser is laser cleaning technology. Laser cleaning refers to the removal of rust, paint and other contaminants from metal surfaces. Laser cleaning machines have the advantages of high efficiency, no pollution, and low operating costs, and are very popular in many cleaning industries around the world.

Laser cleaning machines are also known as laser rust removal machines. It strikes coatings, rust or oil stains with a laser beam, removing them from the substrate by evaporation. Repeat this process until the desired cleaning depth is achieved. Laser cleaners have a strong ability to remove rust, grease, paint and other particles from metal surfaces.
Laser Rust and Paint Removal

Traditional metal cleaning methods

Before laser cleaning machines were used, a variety of processes were used in the field of metal cleaning. Such as mechanical cleaning, sandblasting cleaning, chemical solvent cleaning, dry ice cleaning, etc. These older metal cleaning methods are often harmful, cause environmental pollution and damage metal substrates.
Traditional cleaning methods are tedious and time-consuming when it comes to removing stubborn contaminants. Some cleaning methods that use chemical agents can be hazardous because they produce chemical contamination that can be hazardous to the environment and workers. The mechanical cleaning method is labor-intensive and will damage the metal substrate, and the cleaning effect is far less fine than laser cleaning.

Innovative laser cleaning method

The portable laser cleaning machine is becoming a modern miracle in the cleaning industry. By selecting the specific material to be removed, fiber laser cleaners provide a quick and set-and-forget solution for many industries.
Laser cleaning machines are the most feasible method of metal cleaning. Laser cleaning is a very environmentally friendly method because it does not require the use of chemical reagents and cleaning machines. The traditional cleaning method is contact, which will damage the workpiece and lead to improper cleaning, while laser cleaning is non-contact. In addition, the laser can clean difficult areas that cannot be cleaned by traditional methods.
Using a laser cleaning machine can remove various impurities on the surface and achieve a cleanliness that cannot be achieved by traditional methods. Using laser cleaning, no additional consumables are required, and it can be used after power on. So choosing a laser cleaner is a wise choice as it is extremely cost effective in removing coatings.
ACCTEK's laser rust remover help remove any type of metal surface. This fiber laser cleaning technology does not release any harmful gases and is safe for the environment and the operator. The hand laser cleaning gun design makes the equipment more convenient to move, and can easily clean any angle and uneven surface. Instantly remove any kind of rust, grease, paint and oxidized areas with ACCTEK laser cleaning solutions.

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