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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine and Laser Cleaning Machine in Hungary
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This is a photo sent to us by a user in Hungary. This user purchased a fiber laser cutting machine and a laser cleaning machine at ACCTEKCNC in 2021, and these two laser equipment played an important role in her studio and helped her complete many metal fabrication projects. Hungarian customer is very satisfied with our laser equipment.
Fiber laser cutting machine
AKJ1390 is a small size precision fiber laser cutting machine with fully enclosed design. The observation window adopts European CE standard laser protective glass, which can not only protect the safety of operators, but also facilitate the discharge of smoke when the fiber laser cutting machine is working, which is more environmentally friendly. This laser metal cutting machine is mainly used for the production of small metal workpieces such as lighting, hardware products, and metal crafts.
The laser cleaning machine chosen by Hungarian user is a 100W low-power laser cleaning machine. Low-power laser cleaning solutions provide gentle, high-precision cleaning. It can not only be used for rust removal, paint removal, and oil removal of metal materials, but also can be used to clean stone, glass, porcelain, jade and other items. It is very suitable for cleaning precision instruments and precious artworks.
During the use of the laser equipment, no matter what help she needs, our engineers will provide timely technical support. Now she has become an experienced CNC laser machine operator.
To learn more about laser equipment, you can click on Fiber Laser Cutting Machine or Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine.

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