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Fiber laser cutting machine helps the automotive industry

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With the improvement of living standards, cars have almost become a necessity for every family as a common means of transportation. This puts forward higher requirements for the safety and efficiency of production in the automotive industry. In order to meet the needs of the public, automobile manufacturers need to continuously improve their manufacturing level and manufacturing efficiency. The traditional auto parts processing technology can no longer fully meet today's product quality and production needs. For a long time, this has become a major reason for restricting the innovation and development of the automotive industry. Until the emergence and application of fiber laser cutting machines, the automobile manufacturing industry ushered in new development.
The fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of high processing precision, fast cutting speed, and the ability to cut complex feature accessories, so it has irreplaceable advantages in the process of being applied to the automobile manufacturing industry with other metal cutting equipment. Many parts of the car, such as the car body, car door frame, car trunk, car roof cover, car exhaust pipe and many other auto parts are inseparable from the laser cutting process. The application of laser metal cutting machine basically covers all areas of the automobile manufacturing industry, and its application greatly enhances the aesthetics of automobiles and improves the efficiency of automobile production.
fiber laser cutting machines

Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine in the automotive industry

1. Laser cutting machine can process accessories of various materials
The automobile manufacturing process requires the use of low-carbon low-alloy steel, ferritic stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials, all of which can be efficiently processed by fiber laser cutting machines. The processing range of the laser cutting process covers almost all sheet metal materials in automotive processing.
2. High precision of laser cutting workpiece
Compared with traditional metal cutting equipment, the positioning accuracy of the laser metal cutting machine is 0.05mm, the repeat positioning accuracy is 0.02mm, and the processing accuracy is higher, which can meet the processing requirements of high-precision auto parts.
3. Narrow cutting seam, high cutting quality
The heat-affected area of laser cutting sheet metal is small, the cutting seam is between 0.1-0.2mm, and the workpiece after cutting has no burrs and slag. This provides favorable conditions for the further processing of auto parts.
4. Laser cutting improves sheet metal utilization
The laser metal cutting machine is equipped with a professional metal cutting system, which can automatically layout and nest auto parts, make full use of raw materials, and reduce costs.
5. Fast laser cutting speed
The process of laser cutting sheet metal is less affected by the environment, can achieve high energy output in a short time, and the cutting speed is fast. The 1000W fiber laser machine cuts carbon steel plates below 2mm, and the cutting speed can reach 8m/min. The greater the power of the laser metal cutting machine, the thicker the sheet can be processed and the faster the cutting speed. Moreover, when laser cutting sheet metal, no tools are needed to fix the metal plate, which saves time for clamping the workpiece and improves the work efficiency of the workshop.
Fast laser cutting speed
For the automotive industry, the quality of each part of the structure is the key to improving the brand image, and the parts processed by fiber laser metal cutting machines play an important role in improving the quality of the car. In addition, laser cutting machines have a higher level of automation in manufacturing auto parts, which means higher production efficiency. On the one hand, this saves labor costs for the company, and on the other hand, it also greatly speeds up the progress of the company's production of cars, making it possible for car manufacturers to occupy more markets.
With the development of the laser industry and the needs of the automobile industry, there are more and more sheet metal cutting styles and requirements. The automobile is not only a simple means of transportation, but also a major advancement in the field of science and technology. The many advantages of the ACCTEK laser cutting machine make it very suitable for the refinement and low-cost needs of the modern automobile manufacturing industry, and it has an irreplaceable role in other CNC cutting equipment in the automobile manufacturing industry.

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