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Laser cleaning machine to remove rust and paint

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Laser cleaning machine has become very common in the field of industrial cleaning, and their accuracy and efficiency are the main reasons for their popularity. Through the non-contact laser cleaning process, the surface of the material will not be damaged. And the laser cleaning process does not require the use of dangerous or expensive consumables, which makes metal rust and paint removal simpler and more environmentally friendly.
There are many applications of laser cleaning machines, the most important of which is to remove rust and paint from metals. These two functions have been proven effective in many industries. Of course, in addition to laser rust removal and laser paint removal, laser cleaning machines can also clean surface contaminants of various materials such as rubber, plastic, glass, and walls. Its application is very extensive.

Laser rust removal

Using a laser rust removal machine is a better alternative to many traditional cleaning techniques. ACCTEK laser rust remover has a variety of specifications, you can choose pulse 100W laser rust remover to perform laser rust removal on precision instruments and obtain a brand-new instrument surface. You can also choose a high-power 1000W laser cleaning machine to remove rust on the surface of construction machinery to increase their service life. These laser rust removal machines are designed with hand-held laser guns, making it easier and more convenient for you to remove rust from metal. According to different needs of the machine body, there are various models such as backpack laser rust remover, portable laser rust remover, etc. You can choose according to the actual operation needs.
Laser rust removal only requires the laser itself, power supply and laser safety glasses. The whole metal rust removal process does not use chemicals or other media, there is no harm, and there is no waste chemicals to be disposed of, which is very safe and environmentally friendly. Laser rust remover operators do not need to wear bulky protective gear, making laser cleaning easier.
Laser rust removal

Laser removal old paint

In many industries, workpiece surfaces are often coated for excellent durability and protection. Especially for some products exposed to the outdoor environment for a long time, paint can not only improve the aesthetics, but also improve the anti-corrosion performance of the product. However, with the long-term use of the product, the paint may peel off, or the user wants to change the paint color according to their own preferences, then the old paint needs to be peeled off.
The laser removal paint system can effectively peel off the old paint on the surface of the item to obtain a clean metal surface. This is very helpful for metal products that need to be refurbished, such as changing the paint color of a car or refurbishing iron fences around a house. The laser cleaning process makes everything look new.

Laser removal coatings of welding interface

In addition to refurbished products, some coated parts may require removal of any coating from the weld in order to provide a good weld surface. The traditional way to avoid coating on the weld interface is to mask these areas before coating and remove the cover after the coating process. This method wastes time and resources, and requires manual operation, which is very troublesome. The laser removal coatings system can selectively remove the coating of the welding interface through the positioning and cleaning of the laser beam, which is a simple method without spending too much time and energy.
Laser removal coating of weld interface is a no-consumer process that requires no tape or film, reducing the complexity of manual masking and then removing the mask, making it simpler and easier. The strength of the weld can be enhanced by laser removal coating.
Laser removal coatings of welding interface
ACCTEK laser cleaner is designed for industrial cleaning applications. Compared to the time required by traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning machines can remove rust and paint in a few minutes, which is more efficient. We provide laser cleaning machines with various powers from 100W to 3000W. If you have industrial cleaning needs, you can communicate online.

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