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How to choose the right fiber laser cleaning machine

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When you buy a fiber laser cleaning machine to rust removal, you must know which ways your products can be cleaned, because different cleaning machines have different effects; We need more cleaning machines in industry, which should be quick and convenient, to minimize losses and save costs for enterprises.
First, let's know the features and working principle of the laser cleaning machine. Laser cleaning equipment is characterized by using optical fiber to transmit laser, so that the laser can reach the surface of the object to be cleaned, which makes it have excellent cleaning performance and high ergonomic characteristics, and can be installed on automation systems such as robots very conveniently and quickly. In addition, due to the unique optical fiber transmission technology, the energy distribution of the similar output laser beam is flat and curved, and all the energy in the laser beam is fully utilized in the best way, thus obtaining a good cleaning effect and improving the cleaning efficiency. The process of high-power pulsed laser cleaning depends on the characteristics of optical pulses generated by fiber lasers, and is based on the photophysical reaction formed by the interaction between high-intensity beams, short-pulse lasers and contaminated layers.
Principle of laser cleaning
Fiber laser cleaning machine can remove the object surface resin, the paint, the oil pollution, Stains, dirt, rust, coatings, coatings and oxide coatings are widely used in the industry, covering ships, steam repairs, rubber molds, high-end machine tools, track and environmental protection.
After know the basic information and function of fiber metal laser rust removal machine. If we confirm that we need,how to choose the effective laser rust remover.We hope it is with good quality,high performance,also with good service.After checking the below information ,you can got the effective laser rust remover .

Choose a powerful laser cleaning machine manufacturer

First, you will must get one professional manufacturer of fiber laser cleaning machine.Our company Jinan AccTek Machinery Co., Ltd was located in high technology industry zone of Jinan,which specializes in manufacturing CNC machine and laser machines since 2005. Our company is committed to the application and research and development of laser cleaning technology. "ACCTEK" brand laser cleaning machine has made remarkable achievements in humanized design and efficient rust removal for metals. Bringing a whole new way to industrial rust removal.
Our products are widely sold in many European and American countries. These products are very popular in these markets and have established a leading position in the laser cleaning machine field. After several years of rapid development, our laser cleaning machines have played an important role in many fields such as metal rust removal, metal paint removal, cleaning glass surface grease, and stone graffiti cleaning. Our fiber laser cleaning machine products well meet the demands of customers in different countries.

Choose a high-quality laser cleaning gun

The second and most important thing is the working head of laser rust removal machine. Laser brand with air cooling, we have different laser generator brand and different laser power can be chosen. We adopt Hanwei brand, Au3tech brand, Ruida brand. All new versions, original high-quality parts, no plagiarism, no second-hand goods. Adopt high-quality laser cleaning gun to ensure better performance of laser rust remover. Different cleaning head can can optional, just tell us your needs, we will give you a suitable solution.The design of handheld laser cleaning gun can flexibly deal with various objects and angles. Simple operation and convenient movement.
The laser beam emitted by the laser cleaning gun can realize accurate positioning and cleaning without affecting other surrounding areas. Through the connection with the laser, through the completely sealed optical channel in the cavity, an energy spot is formed. The length of the connecting cable between the laser cleaning gun and the machine is as long as 10 meters, so a wide range of metal cleaning can be completed without moving the machine frequently.

Laser cleaning gun

Choose a high-quality laser generator

Third, consider the imported laser light source/generator of laser rust removal machine. Systems, support English language, machine working buttons are fully equipped, which makes the operation more convenient and safer.We adopt brands such as Wuhan Raycus, Beijing Reci, JPT, Max, IPG, etc. All parts of laser rust remover are famous top brands, with high quality and amazing performance. The laser has higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, higher and more stable optical quality. The power range of laser cleaning machine is 1000W-3000W to choose from. Equipped with an optical metal fiber laser cleaning machine with good performance, the machine has high working precision and fast working speed. You can consider these brands of machines.
Pay attention to after-sales service capabilities
fourth, excellent after-sales service is also very important.Our company Jinan AccTek Machinery Co., Ltd have a complete and professional after-sales team, which can deal with all kinds of failures of the machine's software and hardware.
#Guarantee:3 years for whole machine;1.5 years for fiber source (replace parts during warranty(no human reason)
#Software issue:Our technician is able to re-install or set up by remote for free.
#Hardware issue:Main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be replaced/repaired free of charge if there is any problem during the warranty period.
#Support online:Our technician is able to teach you online to run the machine or eliminate the fault for free.
#Training in AccTek factory:We are able to train your staff after placed order in our factory for free.
#On-site training(Recommended,the most effective way):We are able to send technician to your workshop to do the installation and training. You will need bear the related costs (flight,visa,hotel,training costs, etc.)
We are still trying our best to produce innovative products to help customers lower their costs and increase their returns. If you are interested in our laser cleaning machine, please do not hesitate to contact us for future cooperation. We hope to get mutual benefits with you in the near future.

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