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Woodworking CNC router engraving machine

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cnc router machine Regarding the application of engraving machines, the most common thing in life should be the impact of woodworking engraving machines on people's lives. From the commonly used furniture products around to exquisite wooden crafts, woodworking engraving machines play an important role. Today we will look at a commonly used woodworking engraving machine-AKM1325C.
The processing size of AKM1325C is 1300mm×2500mm. If your processed plate is much smaller than this size, or larger than this size, you can communicate with the staff and choose the model that suits your processing material. The table top is a Vacuum table, which is fixed on the table by vacuum adsorption and gas suction, which is more stable and saves a lot of time. At the same time, it is equipped with 5.5KW air pump double stage for supporting use.
Regarding the configuration of the spindle, the standard configuration of this engraving machine is a 9.0KW HQD air cooling automatic tool change spindle with 8pcs of fixed linear tool changer. If you need to use different cutter heads for engraving, this automatic tool changer is very convenient, it can greatly improve your processing efficiency, save a lot of time, and is very suitable for complex and large-scale engraving processing.
The XY axis of the AKM1325C adopts gear transmission, and the Z axis adopts screw transmission. This engraving machine is equipped with Taiwan TBI ball screw. The guide rail is made of Taiwan Hiwin, which has high precision and stable operation, which makes the engraving more precise. The control system selected is Syntec 60W-E, which is responsible for issuing instructions to the machine and controlling how the machine runs. The motor is selected from Taiwan Delta servo motor, and the inverter is also the selected Delta brand.
The other feature of AKM1325C is that it uses an Auto oil lubrication, which automatically oils the guide rail and the lead screw. In addition, it is equipped with 3.0KW double bags dust collector, which can directly collect waste such as wood chips and dust into the dust bag when processing the board, making the working environment cleaner.
The above is an introduction to the standard woodworking engraving machine. If you need other configurations, you can increase or adjust it according to the actual cutting board needs and the size of the workload.
The picture shows the AKM1325C engraving machine and customer engraving feedback. I hope this introduction can help you choose an engraving machine.

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