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Feedback from Trinidad and Tobago user on the Woodworking CNC Router
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Woodworking CNC router
This photo comes from the feedback of Trinidad and Tobago customer. This is our basic woodworking CNC router AKM1325. This CNC engraving machine has a good operation in the user workshop, helping him to efficiently complete wood carving and cutting.
This woodworking CNC router AKM1325 is equipped with a 3.2KW water-cooled spindle or a 3.0KW air-cooled spindle (you can choose different types of spindles according to the environment or use needs), which can easily complete the engraving and cutting of furniture panels. With Mach3 controller, the program is installed on a computer connected to the control machine. Support spindle speed feedback function and power-off resume function. 
The CNC engraving machine AKM1325 is equipped with Leadshine stepper motor and driver, low energy consumption, fast response speed, stable performance and easy maintenance.
The increase in labor costs in modern society has caused more furniture manufacturing industries to choose woodworking engraving machines to complete the production and carving of furniture. And with the advancement of technology, the current woodworking engraving machine has more complete functions and more refined carving, which saves labor costs and greatly improves work efficiency, making it an ideal choice for the furniture manufacturing industry.
To learn more, you can click Woodworking CNC Router Machine.
Woodworking CNC router

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