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1000W Stainless steel laser cutting machine at best price sale

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Fiber laser cutting machine has been recognized by more and more users as the mainstream equipment for metal processing, and many companies have also realized the advantages of stainless steel laser cutting machine. Compared with other traditional metal cutting equipment, stainless steel laser cutting machine has faster cutting speed, better cutting quality and lower cost of use. For metal manufacturers, these are the criteria for business development. This article recommends a 1000W stainless steel laser cutting machine for you, which is cheap and easy to operate, suitable for processing stainless steel sheet projects.
Fiber laser cutting machine

Features of 1000W Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Machine

1000W laser cutting machine adopts gantry structure, high-precision linear guide drive system, equipped with professional metal cutting numerical control system and high-performance servo motor. It is a metal cutting equipment integrating advanced technologies such as laser technology, precision machinery and numerical control technology. The racks and guide rails of the machine are fully enclosed protection devices to prevent oil-free friction movement and dust pollution, which effectively improves the life of the transmission parts and ensures the running accuracy of the metal laser cutting machine. In addition, the Y-axis of the machine also adds flame-retardant protective sheet metal. When users use the laser to cut metal materials, they can prevent sparks from splashing on the Y-axis dust cover to cause fire, which makes the entire metal cutting process safer.
The stainless steel laser cutting machine is equipped with an auto-focusing laser cutting head, which on the one hand reduces the time for manual focusing, and on the other hand avoids errors in the focusing process, greatly improving the cutting accuracy of the machine and workshop production efficiency. Especially when processing stainless steel plates with uneven surfaces, the laser cutting head can quickly adjust the focus to the most suitable position through the autofocus function. In this way, the cutting effect of the metal laser cutting machine can be significantly improved, and the perforation time of the thick plate can also be greatly shortened.

How much does a 1000W stainless steel laser cutting machine cost? How well does it cut?

The cheapest 1000W laser cutter costs $17,300, which is a very affordable price. It has a bench size of 5x10 feet and can handle many of your metal projects. In addition to a high-quality stainless steel laser cutting machine, this price also means that you can get free after-sales service. When you receive the machine, our technicians will assist you in installing the machine and learning how to operate the machine. In the process of operating the fiber laser cutting machine, if you encounter any problems, we will troubleshoot and solve the problem for you as soon as possible.
The 1000W laser cutting machine can cut up to 5mm stainless steel and 10mm carbon steel. If your workshop mainly processes thin metal sheets, then this machine can provide you with the best metal cutting effect at the lowest price. The following is the effect of it cutting stainless steel:
1000W laser cutting stainless steel

Common problems and solutions of laser cutting stainless steel

Compared with the traditional way of cutting stainless steel, laser cutting stainless steel is easier to operate, has better effect, and has an absolute advantage in cutting speed. Therefore, more and more users begin to choose fiber laser cutting machines to process stainless steel workpieces. However, for beginners of laser cutting machines, they may encounter the situation that the cutting effect is not good. The following introduces the problems and solutions of laser cutting stainless steel for you.
First of all, let's understand the factors that affect the cutting quality of stainless steel laser cutting machine, including cutting nozzle model, focus position, cutting power, cutting frequency, cutting air pressure, cutting speed and cutting duty cycle. In addition to these parameters, there are other hardware conditions that can affect the quality of laser-cut stainless steel, including protective lenses, assist gas purity, the quality of the sheet being cut, focusing mirrors, and collimating mirrors.
When machining stainless steel with a fiber laser cutting machine, the points mentioned below need to be checked first.
1. Check whether the model and size of the nozzle of the laser cutting head are correct. If it is correct, check the cutting head nozzle again for damage and roundness.
2. Check whether the lens inside the laser cutting head is clean. Requires no water, no oil, no stains.
3. Check if the focus parameter is set correctly. Adjust the relevant cutting parameters of the stainless steel laser cutting machine.
Fiber laser cutting machine will encounter problems and solutions when cutting stainless steel
Slag hanging on laser cutting stainless steel
1. If you only cut the slag at the corner, you can consider rounding the corner. In terms of parameter settings, the focus can be reduced and the air pressure can be increased.
2. If the whole workpiece hangs with hard slag, it is necessary to reduce the focus, increase the air pressure, and increase the cutting nozzle. However, if the focus is too low or the air pressure is too high, the section will be delaminated and the cutting surface will be rough. Therefore, it is very important to set the correct parameters. If you encounter problems in the process of parameter adjustment, you can ask the laser cutting machine manufacturer to provide technical assistance. In this way, you can complete parameter settings faster and more accurately.
3. If the whole workpiece hangs with granular soft slag, the cutting speed of the metal laser cutting machine can be appropriately increased or the cutting power can be reduced.
4. When the fiber laser cutting machine processes stainless steel, slag hangs on the side near the end of the cutting. It is necessary to check whether the auxiliary gas supply is insufficient and the airflow cannot keep up.
As a fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, ACCTEK LASER provides users with various types of metal cutting equipment. This includes sheet metal laser cutting machine, tube laser cutting machine, laser cutting equipment with power of 1000W-12000, etc. The choice of different powers has a lot to do with the thickness and speed of the material you need to cut. Online communication, you can get more purchase plans for stainless steel laser cutting machine.
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