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Best Wood CNC Router Machines for Hobbyists and Businesses

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An excellent CNC router machine can make your woodworking production process run smoothly and allow you to perform tasks that are difficult to do by hand through computer control. There are many excellent CNC router to choose from today, but different jobs mean different CNC machines to choose from.
The CNC router machine that woodworking hobbyists and enterprise manufacturers need to buy are different. ACCTEK introduces you to several different types of CNC router machines, you can choose the CNC woodworking engraving equipment that suits your needs according to the machine functions.

CNC woodworking router for hobbyists and home businesses

If you work on personal projects or run a home woodworking business, you can buy an cheap desktop CNC router machine. ACCTEK has three types to choose from, namely AKM6090, AKM6012 and AKG1212. The size of these three CNC machine is 600×900mm, 600×1200mm, 1200×1200mm, and the machines of this size are suitable for processing advertising signs, handicrafts, children’s toys, models and other small wood products.
Small size CNC router
These CNC machines meet your engraving and cutting needs at a very low price, usually around $3,000. 6090 CNC router and 6012 CNC router are available in table type and desktop specifications. This small cnc router is more suitable for woodworking enthusiasts to create and use. One of our Australian user who started learning to use a CNC router just out of a hobby for woodworking projects built an electric guitar with an AKM6012. He enjoyed the process and photographed the process of carving the guitar and sent it to us to share. You can see from Don Barmes' email that starting a woodworking project isn't difficult, and you'll be amazed at how precise and efficient a CNC wood router can be.
Here is the content of Don Barmes' email:
Hi Beck, lovely to hear from you. | thought in your senior manager role, you did not do direct customer contact any more. So I feel privileged :)
My AccTek AKM 6012 is running perfectly and giving me great joy. I make electric guitars for fun [not for money] and have learnt Fusion 360 to the extent I can model, create toolpaths for and undertake quite sophisticated 3D machining. The videos below show some 3D work, and fretboards where the end mill used is 0.6 mm! This means about 10 or 11 cuts at 0.25mm depth and the Acc Tek does it epeatedly and accurately. Such tiny endmills are very expensive and I have machined the slots for quite a few fretboards with just the one endmilll thus far. You will see in the video how identical each ittle patch of sawdust is- amazing accuracy!
My regards to you and your family. I hope you are all safe and well.
Don Barmes
CNC Router review
When we're talking about home businesses, we're referring to those that take custom orders and don't need to run for hours a day. This is not to say that this type of CNC router machine cannot run for hours a day, but if you have such production needs, the following types of CNC router machines can help you create greater benefits.

Best woodworking CNC routers for small businesses

If you run a woodworking business and run your CNC router machine for long hours every day, this AKM1325 can meet your needs. This basic CNC woodworking router machine is capable of producing high-quality products on a budget of only about $5,000, making it a good choice for small woodworking businesses.
AKM1325 CNC woodworking router machine can provide you with a working area of ​​1300×2500 (4×8ft), which can engrave, cut, drill, mill and other processing methods of wood. The rear of the machine tool is equipped with a feeding auxiliary wheel, which is convenient for feeding when processing large-sized plates and reduces the labor intensity of the staff. These large size wood CNC router machines are most commonly used in the furniture industry.
The 1325 CNC router allows you to simplify the production process in a short time and increase the productivity of the workshop. The machine is controlled by computer, and one operator can turn on several equipments to work at the same time, which will save you more labor cost and reduce the mistakes of manual engraving. Because of the safety alarm lights installed above the control cabinet of each machine, you can monitor the operation of the machine at any time without worrying about accidents. It should be noted that even though the CNC wood router is extremely safe, an operator must be there to monitor the machine during operation, so that when the machine fails, the emergency stop button can be pressed to ensure the safety of the processing process.
Woodworking CNC router machine

Industrial ATC CNC router machine for large scale enterprises

If your business focuses on mass production of woodworking projects, then choosing an ATC CNC machine will better improve the efficiency of the workshop. The AKM1325C ATC CNC router machine has an automatic tool changer, which is loaded with 8 different tools. When the machine engraves complex patterns, it can automatically grab the tool according to the program, and the tool change speed only takes a few seconds, which greatly improves the work efficiency.
There are two types of ATC CNC routers, one is linear atc cnc router and the other is disc atc cnc router. The tool magazine of the linear atc cnc router is installed behind the bed, which has lower requirements on configuration, low price, economical and practical. It is an affordable machine for processing cabinet boards and wooden doors. The disc atc cnc router is installed on one side of the machine gantry, the spindle does not need to run to the back of the machine when changing tools, and the tool change speed is faster. Moreover, the disc automatic tool changer has high configuration requirements and higher processing accuracy, which is suitable for engraving fine patterns on wooden boards. Of course, higher configuration means the disc atc cnc router is more expensive.
Each ATC CNC router machine of ACCTEK is equipped with a double-bag dust collector, which can suck the sawdust waste into the dust bag during the process of cutting wood by the machine, reducing environmental pollution. Although the ATC CNC router machine is more expensive, for large enterprises, it can recover the cost of the machine for you faster and create greater benefits.
ATC CNC router machine

There are many types of wood CNC machines, this article introduces three 3 axis CNC routers used in different industries. If you need to process 3D projects, you can choose a rotary axis CNC router or a 4 axis CNC router. The large 4-axis CNC router is especially suitable for the production of large molds such as ship molds and car molds. Different industries have different needs for machines. Only by choosing the one that suits your needs can you ensure that the machine brings the greatest value.

Whether it is a hobbyist CNC router or an industrial CNC router, when you choose a machine, you need to consider various factors such as the nature, thickness of the machined material and processing speed. This will determine the machine power, motor type and many other configurations of the machine you want to buy. If you are buying a CNC router for the first time, you can communicate online and get free purchasing advice.

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