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1530 4 Axis CNC Router with swing head and 10 tools

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4 Axis swing head CNC router plays an important role in the key technical fields of industrial manufacturing. In addition to its movement along X, Y, Z in three directions, left and right, front and rear, and up and down, the fourth axis can be rotated around a vertical axis at the center of the machine, which allows it to create three-dimensional projects by cutting a piece of material. 4 axis CNC milling machines generally have more power and higher precision than 3-axis CNC router.

This article introduces a 1530 4 axis CNC router with auto tool changer, which is a atc 4 axis CNC router machine customized for a user in the United States. This swing head CNC router is the preferred method for advanced complex cutting and engraving, and it is very necessary to choose such a CNC machine if you are planning a 3D manufacturing project. The following are its features and advantages, after you have a comprehensive understanding of this CNC router 4 axis machine, you can consider whether to increase workshop productivity by adding such a CNC equipment.
4 Axis CNC

Features of 4 axis CNC Router

Sunken worktable design
AKM1530-4A is a swing head 4-axis CNC router machine with a sunken table. The movable height of the entire Z-axis is 1000mm, which is designed to facilitate users to process taller workpieces. Because the CNC router 4 axis is usually used to process 3D handicrafts or 3D models, these workpieces have a high height, so the table top of the 4-axis large CNC router is usually designed as a sunken style, so that it can be customized a higher Z-axis height according to user needs.
Auto tool changer
For the CNC router 4 axis, the auto tool changer is an effective tool to assist it to improve efficiency. The 1530 swing head CNC router is equipped with an linear auto tool changer, loaded with 10 different tools, and can complete the multi-processing process of the workpiece without stopping. Because the processing of 3D projects often requires a variety of technological processes, if the tool is stopped to replace the tool every time a process is processed, it will not only make the operator more workload, but also waste a lot of time, which will seriously affect the progress of completing the workpiece. Therefore, the auto tool changer is an important part for the 4 axis cnc router machine you can choose to load 8-12 tools, which is selected according to the complexity of your machining process.
Auto tool changer
9.0KW ATC spindle
The 1530 4 axis CNC router machine is equipped with a CE-certified HQD brand spindle with a power of 9.0KW and a rotational speed of up to 18000RPM. It has strong power and can ensure long-term stable work. The atc spindle has higher precision, which enables it to achieve high-speed operation while ensuring data accuracy. An important factor affecting the spindle life of CNC engraving machine is dust pollution. After dust accumulation, it will corrode the core components of the spindle and cause damage. The atc spindle adopts a double-layer airtight structure, which has extremely high dust resistance, which effectively prolongs the service life of the spindle.
The ATC spindle can be rotated 180 degrees, allowing the tool to approach the workpiece from multiple different angles, effectively machining three surfaces of the workpiece. Therefore, the cnc router 4 axis machine can not only realize plane engraving, but also realize 3D engraving of irregular and complex workpieces.
In addition to the above features, all axes of the atc 4 axis CNC router are equipped with Yaskawa servo motors to ensure high-speed and smooth operation of the machine when processing 3D projects. Moreover, Yaskawa absolute AC servo drive system can greatly shorten the settling time, realize high-speed acceleration and deceleration, and provide guarantee for the high efficiency of the machine. The table top of the swing head CNC router machine is a T-slot and a vacuum combined table, which is more conducive to fixing different types of materials and facilitating the clamping of the workpiece. The 3.0KW double-bag dust collector equipped with the machine plays an important role in maintaining a clean working environment and protecting the health of employees.

Advantages of 4 axis CNC router

The swing head 4 axis CNC router allows movement in four directions (X, Y, Z and A), so it can achieve more precise results than 3-axis cnc machines. This gives it greater flexibility when machining complex shapes and allows for better control of the cutting process. With the additional A-axis, the machine can move in new arcs and angles with greater range and flexibility. This makes it possible to create a variety of unusual geometric shapes.
The swing head 4 axis cnc router is an ideal choice for the production of model projects such as car models and ship models. Because these projects have multiple curved contoured surfaces, if machined with a 3-axis CNC wood router, the curved edges require multiple small cuts, which take a long time to complete, and the surface of the workpiece is often not smooth enough to look good. But for a 4 axis CNC wood router, the spindle can orient the tool at any angle as programmed to cut the workpiece in the most efficient way. The swing head 4 axis cnc router can provide the best cutting speed and angle of chip removal, and can produce near-perfect contours and smooth surfaces by gradually rotating machining, so that users can obtain high-quality 3D workpieces.
4 Axis CNC router
The atc 4 axis CNC router is a powerful CNC tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. Knowing what this device can do can make it a valuable asset to any workshop. From the above introduction, we can know that 4-axis machining can handle more complex 3D projects with higher precision, while 3-axis machining is more suitable for simple plane engraving and cutting, more affordable and easier to operate. Ultimately, which type of CNC machine to buy depends on your project needs.

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