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Maintenance method of fiber laser tube cutting machine

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Wear and tear is inevitable in any equipment during use, but the same equipment has a different lifespan in the hands of different operators. In order to keep the equipment at a high performance, regular maintenance of the equipment is required. The same is true for fiber laser tube cutting machines in use.
So how should the metal laser tube cutting machine be maintained? In the process of operating the machine, how to properly use the laser tube cutting machine?
Laser cutting tube machine

Factors affecting the life of laser tube cutting machine and maintenance methods

The wear between the mechanical bearings of the laser tube cutting machine will affect the service life. This requires regular application of lubricant to each gear bearing during the use of the machine. This can reduce mechanical wear and maintain the normal operation of the laser tube cutting machine.
When the laser tube cutting machine cuts metal workpieces, a lot of waste dust will be generated. If it is not cleaned, it will cause dust accumulation and affect the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, after the end of each day's work, the machine and the working environment should be cleaned.
In addition, it is necessary to check the straightness of the track of the laser tube cutting machine and the flatness of the machine tool, and adjust it in time when it is found to be abnormal. Otherwise, the cutting error value of the metal workpiece will be increased, which will seriously affect the cutting quality and reduce the cutting speed.
Laser cutting heads also require careful protection. The cutting head is a very fragile and easily damaged part of the laser tube cutting machine. Therefore, the collision of the cutting head should be prevented during use, and it should be cleaned and maintained regularly.
The chuck is an important component of the laser tube cutting machine, and its maintenance is also extremely important. Apply lubricant to the chuck regularly to ensure that the chuck always has high precision during operation. If the chuck operates at high speed for a long time or uses oxygen to assist processing for a long time, more lubrication is required, and the lubrication frequency is adjusted according to the actual working conditions.
Preventing the chuck from rusting is also an important point. The rust of the chuck will reduce the clamping force, and the workpiece cannot be clamped, which will seriously affect the production accuracy and efficiency.
Machines with good running and cutting accuracy can better complete the production of metal projects. Regular maintenance of fiber laser tube cutting machines can maintain consistent machine performance and extend the life of the machine.

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