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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine applied to metal tubes

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As the demand for metal tubes in the industrial market expands, fiber laser cutting machine for tube cutting are becoming more and more familiar to metal manufacturers. The rapid increase in the production and consumption of metal tubes has made advanced laser processing system solutions widely used in the tube industry.

The fiber laser tube cutting machine can cut and hollow out any pattern on the metal tube, and the laser can cut in any direction and angle, which provides favorable technical support for personalized processing. Suitable for processing stainless steel, alloy steel, silicon steel and galvanized steel. There are also nickel-titanium alloys, inconel, titanium alloys and other metal tube processing applications.
Laser cutting metal tube
There is a tube fiber laser cutting machine AKJ60F with auto feeding in ACCTEK, which is professionally used for cutting square tubes, round tubes, rectangular tubes, oval tubes, hexagonal tubes and various special-shaped tubes. It can realize intelligent material distribution and feeding after the whole bundle of tubes is placed and loaded, which can be seamlessly connected with the metal tube cutting machine, and accurately convey each tube to the conveying arm. The auto feeding function makes the machine operation easier, saves labor costs and improves workshop efficiency.
The fiber laser cutting machine AKJ60F is suitable for metal tubes with a diameter of Φ20-Φ220mm and a length of 6000mm. Equipped with segmented automatic support device. The intelligent tube support design can effectively solve the deformation problem during the cutting operation of long tubes.
The laser tube cutting machine adopts the clamping design of front and rear chucks, and automatically adjusts the center. It is suitable for all kinds of tubes, and the diagonal adjustment range is 20~300mm. It can process super-large diameter tubes, and the chuck rotation speed is high, which can improve the processing efficiency. Professional cutting system, friendly interface, easy to operate, and real-time feedback of processing status to ensure the orderly cutting of metal tubes.
Fiber laser cutting machine for tube
Fiber laser cutting machine AKJ60F is equipped with RayTools autofocus laser cutting head, which can perform high-speed perforation cutting of various metal tubes with a repeatability of 0.01mm. Automatically find the best focal length instead of manual focusing, and the focusing speed reaches 400mm/s, which is more efficient. The acceleration is 2.5G, and the thin plate can be processed tens of meters per minute. Simple operation, saving time and effort.
Fiber laser tube cutting machine is specially designed for tube processing customers. It has many advantages such as convenient operation, high automation, high cutting precision and fast cutting speed, which is very suitable for the needs of large-scale industrial production of metal tubes. Fiber laser tube cutting machines have been successfully used in fitness equipment, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, vehicle manufacturing, building decoration and other metal tube processing industries.
More tube laser cutting videos are available online.

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