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Uses of Different Tools in CNC Wood Router

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When starting a range of woodworking projects, you might consider using a CNC wood router as your tool. Although woodworking is traditionally done by hand, with the development of the industry, people have higher and higher requirements for processing efficiency. The goal of CNC wood router is to make all woodworking projects easier. It is especially useful for large workshops with large-scale machining needs, as producing more product in an efficient time is critical to expanding the market. Here, we've sorted out some of the tools commonly used in CNC wood router and got an in-depth look at what they do. This provides a reference for users who are just starting out and want to know about woodworking CNC router.
cnc wood router

Basic composition of CNC router machine

Before understanding other auxiliary tools of CNC router machine, let's take a look at its basic composition. CNC router machine is mainly composed of four basic parts: machine tool, electric control cabinet, computer and CNC control system. Its working principle is to carry out pattern design and typesetting through the special engraving software configured in the computer, and transmit the designed pattern to the cnc router controller through the computer. Then the controller converts these information into pulse signals that can drive the motor, so as to control the X, Y and Z axes of the cnc router and the positioning of the spindle. At the same time, the controller of the cnc router starts the frequency converter to drive the engraving head of the spindle motor to rotate at a high speed, and performs processing processes such as cutting, engraving, drilling and milling on the wooden board fixed on the worktable of the cnc router. Through these series of operations, the processing of plane or three-dimensional graphics and characters designed in the computer can be completed on the plate.
Using a computer-controlled CNC router machine can not only improve the processing efficiency of the workshop, but also the precise and fast data processing ability makes each batch of woodworking projects have complete consistency without any errors. The stability of the CNC router machine avoids problems such as mistakes caused by manual woodworking, thereby avoiding the waste of raw materials and reducing costs.

CNC saw

A cnc saw is an indispensable tool for many large-scale woodworking projects, and it can make deep cuts, high-speed cuts with a large number of straight designs. The cnc saw is installed next to the cnc router spindle and works with the spindle. When the plate area is large and the thickness is high, the cutting efficiency of the cnc saw blade is higher, and the loss of the spindle tool can be reduced. Commonly used cnc saw is generally 320mm in diameter and can cut up to 50mm thick boards without layered cutting.
For furniture manufacturers, CNC router with cutting saw can be of great help in improving workshop efficiency. Because whether it is a door panel or a cabinet panel, it is necessary to cut the panel into a customized size according to the user's needs after completing the flat pattern engraving. At this time, the cutting speed of the cnc saw is much faster than the cutting speed of the cnc router spindle, and the production efficiency is higher.
atc cnc router with cutting saw

Horizontal spindle

In some woodworking projects, the horizontal spindle is also a beneficial tool for CNC router machine. For tasks that require milling grooves and holes on the sides of the board, the horizontal spindle with drills on both ends is easy to operate and saves time in reprocessing the board.

Rotary axis device

The rotary axis device is used in the woodworking industry where there is a need for cylindrical processing, such as the processing of chair legs, table legs, stair railings and other materials. Users can choose a small independent rotary axis or a large rotary axis installed on one side of the cnc machine according to the frequency of use. A CNC router with a 4th axis can help users to engrave and cut pipes and process some 3D projects.

Dust removal device

For woodworking CNC router, cleaning the sawdust on the cnc machine is a very troublesome and time-wasting thing. Therefore, in order to ensure that your CNC router machine produces the least waste such as sawdust during the working process, you can choose a dust removal device for it. It also goes a long way towards creating a clean and safe working environment.
The double-bag dust collector provided by ACCTEK CNC is equipped with a dust brush above the cnc router spindle and the saw blade, and is connected to the dust suction pipe. When they are engraving or cutting wood, the dust brushes focus the sawdust together and collect waste such as sawdust through the vacuum duct into the dust bag. For a safely organized workshop, dust collectors are a must.
dust removal device
The four devices introduced above are some of the commonly used tools and machines in CNC wood router. Of course, there are many other tools that can assist in starting a woodworking project. If you have other special needs, you can communicate online or leave us a message. We have professionals who can advise you more on CNC machine.

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