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How to improve the quality of metal cut by laser cutting machine

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Laser cutting machines play an important role in modern industrial manufacturing with the advantages of high efficiency and high precision, especially fiber laser cutting machines are considered as professional metal processing equipment. Although the CNC laser cutting machine itself has many advantages, in order to obtain good cutting results, there are many things that need to be paid attention to.
Different thicknesses of sheet metal will obtain different effects with different parameters and cutting processes. We can use the best cutting method to obtain higher machining results according to the characteristics of the cutting material. This article summarizes various methods for improving the quality of metal cutting.

1. Select the appropriate machine power according to the thickness of the sheet metal

We know that fiber laser cutting machines are available in a variety of powers, and machines with different powers mean different thicknesses of materials that can be cut. The 1KW laser cutting machine can cut up to 10mm carbon steel and 5mm stainless steel, while the 12KW laser cutting machine can cut up to 40mm carbon steel and 30mm stainless steel. Therefore, you first need to select the appropriate machine power according to the thickness of the material you want to cut. The higher the power of the metal laser cutting machine, the faster the cutting speed and the higher the cutting quality for the same thickness of sheet metal.
If the sheet metal you are cutting is thicker than the machine's maximum cutting capacity, then even if the sheet metal can be cut through, there will be bad cutting edges such as dross. So the choice of power is very important. When you buy a fiber laser cutting machine, be sure to ask the supplier about the cutting capacity of the machine, including the maximum cutting capacity, conventional cutting capacity and batch cutting capacity of the machine. The right laser power can create the greatest output value for you at the lowest cost.
Select the appropriate machine power according to the thickness of the sheet metal

2. Correct cutting speed improves metal cutting quality

If the cutting speed of the metal laser cutting machine is too fast or too slow, the surface flatness of the material will be affected. Therefore, under the condition of a certain laser power, it is necessary to select the best cutting speed range. The specific method can be judged according to the situation of the cutting sparks: when the cutting sparks are inclined, the cutting speed is too fast; when the cutting sparks are non-diffused and few, and condensed together, the cutting speed is too slow; only when the cutting sparks are caused by Only by spreading from top to bottom can a smooth cutting surface be presented, and there is no slag or streaks on the lower part.

3. Correct focus position improves metal cutting quality

Only when the focus position of laser cutting is correct can the cutting precision and accuracy of metal meet the requirements. At present, ACCTEK fiber laser cutting machines all use auto-focusing laser cutting heads, which not only improves the focusing speed of the machine, but also avoids mistakes caused by manual focusing.
Correct focus position improves metal cutting quality

4. Assist gas to help improve metal cutting quality

On the premise of ensuring the auxiliary gas, the gas pressure is an extremely important factor. When cutting thin plates at high speed, higher gas pressure is required to prevent sticking of slag on the back of the cut (hot sticking of slag onto the workpiece will also damage the cut edge). When cutting thick plates or cutting speed is slow, the gas pressure should be appropriately reduced. In addition, depending on the type of auxiliary gas, the speed and effect of cutting metal are different. Generally speaking, oxygen has the fastest cutting speed, nitrogen has the best cutting effect, and air has the lowest cutting cost.

5. Improve sheet metal surface cleanliness

In general, the cleaner the surface of the material, the higher the quality of the cut obtained. Therefore, before cutting sheet metal, you can check the surface of the material for contaminants such as oil and rust. After surface cleaning, a higher cut quality can be obtained.
In the actual operation of the fiber laser cutting machine, the factors affecting the quality of laser cutting are more complicated. If you notice a noticeable deterioration in the quality of your cut while cutting metal, you can start by reviewing and adjusting the factors outlined above.
To obtain higher cutting quality in the process of laser cutting metal, you need to choose a quality-assured laser cutting machine supplier when you purchase the machine. In addition to the higher quality of the machine, they can also provide free technical guidance to help you get the best parameters faster and improve the cutting quality in the process of laser cutting metal.

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