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Types and applications of laser marking machines

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Laser marking machine according to the different laser source can be divided into: CO2 laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine. According to the different laser visibility is divided into: UV laser marking machine (invisible), green laser marking machine (visible laser), infrared laser marking machine (invisible laser).

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser marking machine: direct laser output by optical fiber.
Applicable materials: Any metal (including rare metals), engineering plastics, electroplating materials, coating materials, spraying materials, plastic rubber, epoxy resin, ceramics, etc.
Features: fine marking, power saving, maintenance free, for high-end products such as mobile phones, keys, etc. High price compared to CO2 laser marking machine.
Fiber laser marking machine

Colour Laser Marking Machine. 

In addition to the basic functions of an optical fiber laser marking machine, it can also produce colour on stainless steel and aluminium plates. This effectively broadens the application market of the laser marking machine and meets the needs of more customers.

CO2 Laser Marking Machine

The CO2 laser marking machine uses CO2 gas charged into the discharge tube as the medium for generating laser light. When high voltage is added to the electrode, a glowing discharge is generated in the discharge tube, which enables the gas molecules to release laser light, and the laser energy is amplified to form a laser beam for processing the material.
CO2 laser marking machine mainly used for non-metal (wood, acrylic, paper, leather, etc.), cheap price. A wide range of non-metallic materials can be engraved. Applications include clothing accessories, pharmaceutical packaging, building ceramics, beverage packaging, fabric cutting, rubber products, shell nameplates, craft gifts, electronic components, leather and other industries.

UV Laser Marking Machine

UV marking machine configuration deep ultraviolet laser, imported high-speed oscillator system, etc., due to ultraviolet laser marking machine focus spot is extremely small, and processing heat-affected zone is minimal, and thus ultraviolet laser marking machine can be ultra-fine marking, special material marking, ultraviolet laser marking machine is the marking effect of higher requirements of customers preferred products, such as ultraviolet marking is very suitable in transparent glass or acrylic and other transparent materials. 
The UV laser marking machine has a high electro-optical conversion rate, long service life of the non-linear crystal, stable operation, high positioning accuracy, high operational efficiency, modular design for easy installation and maintenance. In addition, the machine can be equipped with a two-dimensional automatic table for continuous multi-station marking or large-format marking.
According to the different marking methods can be divided into handheld portable laser marking machine, desktop laser marking machine, flying laser marking machine. 

Portable Laser Marking Machine

The portable laser marking machine is more compact than the traditional laser marking machine, does not occupy an area, easy to place and move, is the result of the upgrade of the desktop laser marking machine. The portable laser marking machine has a small size (no water cooling device, use air cooling), good light quality (base mode), maintenance-free and other characteristics. It can also be handheld to facilitate the marking of the side or back of the material, etc., where you want to play.

Desktop Laser Marking Machine

Desktop laser marking machine, as the name implies, the machine comes with a table top, eliminating the need for the customer to prepare a table top for the marking machine. The working platform is compact, robust and has a simple interface. High speed and low energy consumption. Beautiful appearance and simple operation.
Desktop Laser Marking Machine

Flying Laser Marking Machine

In-line flying laser marking is the most specialised type of laser application technology and is mainly used for a variety of moulded and extruded products that need to be marked on the outer packaging line, such as wires/cables, tubes and pipes. Flying laser marking machine, also known as online laser marking machine, flying laser coding machine, according to the different needs of customers optional fiber, CO2, UV and other laser light source and automatic assembly line workbench synthesis.
Because the production line is constantly moving, so the flying laser marking machine can follow the production line to run marking, greatly improving production efficiency and saving production costs. So very popular with everyone. The common production date of the mineral water bottle is the effect of using the laser flight marking machine.
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