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Safety knowledge of fiber laser cutting machine operators

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No matter which type of mechanical equipment is used, safety protection must be done during operation and strictly abide by safety  regulations. So what are the safety rules of fiber laser cutting machine? What safety knowledge does the operator need to know when cutting metal materials? ACCTEK has compiled a safe operation regulation for everyone, which you can use as a reference.

1. Learn Your Machine

First off know your machine. Read and understand the maintenance manual for the machine, chiller, power source, dust collector and any other components and accessories connected to or running from the Laser Cutting system. 

2. Wear Your Safety Glasses

Never before in laser cutting systems has the light source been so intense and powerful then in fiber laser cutting machines. These lasers are typically guarded by solid cabin designs and expensive green glass protecting the operator and surrounding work area from flashes and eye burn. When maintaining your fiber laser make sure you take precautions by wearing your safety glasses as well as any other recommended safety gear.

3. Turn on the laser cutting machine

When turning on the laser cutting equipment, strictly follow the switch sequence required by regulations. When opening the gas, the exhaust valve of the gas storage tank must be closed first, and then the power supply of the air compressor should be turned on. After the pressure of the air compressor reaches the specified requirements, the valve of the gas delivery pipeline can be opened.

4. Use auxiliary gas

When using bottled gas, first open the valve of each bottle, and finally open the main valve switch; when using liquid gas, it is necessary to open the pressure after opening the valve Valve to increase the amount of gasification, thereby ensuring the pressure of the cutting auxiliary gas.

5. Turn off the laser cutting machine

When shutting down the laser cutting equipment, make full preparations. First move the cutting head to the highest position, and the other shafts are parked in a safe position. At the same time, the workbench or the exchange workbench should also be stopped in a safe place. Turn off the laser high voltage and laser low voltage first, and then wait three minutes before turning off the laser power supply. Next, turn off the key switch on the laser cabinet and remove it for safekeeping.

6. Always Keep A Clean Workshop

Safety and cleanliness go together in minimizing injury risks. While laser cutters do not release dust particles, allowing leftover scrap to remain in the catch-bin can also become a fire hazard. Keeping a clean and clutter-free workshop reduces risks of accidents or other serious safety issues. It also creates “Best Practices” for operators to always take the time to clean their workstation after each use.
When operating the laser cutting equipment, everyone must understand the safe operation rules, so as to ensure that no abnormal problems will occur. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the order of starting up and shutting down. Once the order is disordered, there may be hidden dangers.
ACCTEK is a professional fiber laser machine manufacturer. We have a mature technical team. If you encounter problems when purchasing or operating a laser machine, you can always consult online at any time.

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