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What is a CNC Laser Cutting Machine used for

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Laser cutting machine is a CNC cutting equipment that cuts different materials into desired products according to design patterns. Laser cutting can be applied to both metallic and non-metallic materials, depending on which type of machine you choose.

What is a laser cutting machine used for? Or which application can be done with laser cutting. This article provides you with a guide on application of a laser cutting machine based on its type.

CO2 laser cutting machine application

The CO2 laser cutting machine uses a focusing lens to focus the CO2 laser beam on the surface of the material to melt it to achieve the effect of engraving, cutting and hollowing out. Therefore, CO2 laser cutting machine is also called CO2 engraving machine. It is very good at cutting and engraving non-metallic materials. In addition, the CO2 laser cutting machine can also cut metal, but it can only cut carbon steel and stainless steel, and cannot cut high reflective metals such as brass and aluminum. The following are the applications of CO2 laser cutting machine.

Cutting and engraving wood

CO2 laser cutting machine is also called wood laser cutting machine because it is widely used in processing wood. It's common to use a laser cutter to cut wood to assemble furniture, or to carve a unique pattern into a piece of wood as a gift.
Therefore, you can use CO2 laser cutting machine for woodworking projects such as making cabinets, tables and chairs, wooden doors, decorations, wooden plaques, etc.

Cutting and engraving acrylic

CO2 laser cutting machine is also the main tool for acrylic processing. The acrylic section cut with the CO2 laser beam is smooth and polished, so no subsequent processing is required. If you're going to engrave text or patterns on acrylic, you can get matte finishes. This makes them look very distinctive.
Therefore, you can use the CO2 laser cutting machine to process advertising signs, crystal words, trophies, handicrafts and other projects.

Cutting fabric, leather

The CO2 laser cutting machine has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, high engraving accuracy, hollow without burrs, and can process any shape. This gives it a great advantage in cutting soft materials such as cloth and leather.
Because laser cutting adopts a non-contact method, the laser head will not directly contact the material, so there will be no cutting accidents caused by sharp knives. And the possibility of material deformation is reduced, resulting in perfect cutting edges. CO2 laser cutting machine can effectively cut single or multi-layer fabric material, your job will be done faster. This not only increases the output of the workshop, but also reduces labor costs, which is very beneficial to the development of the enterprise.
Therefore, you can use the CO2 laser cutting machine to produce items such as clothes, curtains, car seat cushions, floor mats, shoes, belts, wallets and more.
The above aspects are the main applications of CO2 laser cutting machine. Besides, it can also be used to cut paper, engrave glass, cut stainless steel and carbon steel, etc.

Fiber laser cutting machine application

Despite the wide range of applications for CO2 laser cutters, fiber laser cutting machine is still the best choice if you plan to start a metal fabrication project. Unlike the gas laser tube and light transmission of CO2 laser machines, fiber laser cutting machines use fiber lasers and cables to transmit the beam.

Cutting stainless and carbon steel

We know that CO2 laser cutting machines can also cut stainless steel and carbon steel. But the advantage of fiber laser cutting machine is efficiency and precision. The beam wavelength of the CO2 laser is 10.64um, while the beam wavelength of the fiber laser is 1.064um. Due to the much smaller focal length, the intensity of the fiber laser cutting machine is almost 100 times that of the same power CO2 laser cutting machine.
Therefore, compared with CO2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine has better consistency and reliability when cutting stainless steel and carbon steel. When cutting metal sheets of the same thickness, fiber laser cutting is faster, and the edge quality of the workpiece is higher, and the pattern is finer.

Cutting of highly reflective metals such as aluminum and copper

With the increasing participation of metals such as copper and aluminum in industrial applications, there is a demand for cutting highly reflective materials. This type of material can only be produced using fiber laser cutting machines.

Any metal project can be done with a fiber optic cutter. Therefore, it can be used in various metal project fields such as the automobile industry, stainless steel kitchen utensils, fitness equipment, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, construction industry, and shipbuilding industry.
The high efficiency and precision of a cnc laser machine can help you expand your business and expand your market. You can get help online about which type of laser cutter is right for your workshop. We provide you with laser cutting videos to help you understand what a laser cutter can do.

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