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How to choose the right nozzle of fiber laser cutting machine

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During the laser cutting process, the laser head nozzle collects the capacitance signal and transmits it to the signal processor through the ceramic ring, so as to keep the distance of the laser head to the workpiece during the cutting process of the laser cutting machine.
The nozzle of the laser cutting machine can assist the rapid ejection of gas, and it can control the area and size of gas diffusion, which will affect the cutting quality of the laser cutting machine.
When metal cutting, how to choose the nozzle of fiber laser cutting machine to get higher cutting quality?

1. Nozzle size selection

The user selects the nozzle size according to the thickness of the cut metal sheet.
The diameter of the nozzle determines the shape of the gas flow, gas diffusion area, and gas flow rate into the incision, which is very important for the cutting quality.
Generally, when a laser cutting machine is apply to cut a thin plate of less than 3mm, it is recommend to use a nozzle with a diameter of 1.5mm, and a thickness of more than 3mm is recommend to select a nozzle with a diameter of 2mm. For cutting metal plates of more than 10mm, generally select the  nozzle with a diameter of 3mm or more is.
In theory, the thicker the plate, the larger the nozzle should be used, the greater the setting pressure of the proportional valve, the greater the flow rate, and ensure the pressure to cut the normal section effect.

2. Choice of different power nozzles

(1) Laser power≤6000w
Cutting carbon steel, the nozzle diameter is generally double layer S1.0-5.0E;
Cutting stainless steel, the nozzle diameter is generally single layer S1.0-5.0E.
(2) Laser power ≥6000w
Cutting carbon steel, 10-25mm carbon steel bright surface cutting, the diameter of the cutting nozzle is generally double-layer high-speed E-type S1.2~1.8E; single-layer fan diameter is generally D1.2-1.8;
Cutting stainless steel, the nozzle diameter is generally single layer S1.0-5.0E.
The above two points are the influence of external factors on the nozzle selection. In addition to these, there are also some factors of the nozzle itself that will affect the material processing.

1. Types of nozzles

 General laser cutting nozzles are divided into single and double layers. Single layer nozzles are used for melting and cutting, that is, nitrogen is used as an auxiliary gas, and it is usually used to cut stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, etc.; Double-layer nozzles are generally used for oxidative cutting, that is, using oxygen as an auxiliary gas, usually used for cutting carbon steel.

2. Nozzle material

Good nozzle, the material must have high conductivity and good thermal conductivity.Generally, the nozzle made of copper is better than brass, which can ensure a good capacitance signal.

3. Nozzle processing accuracy

A good laser head nozzle should have a concentricity of 0.03mm, and a nozzle with a size below 1.0mm should have a concentricity of 0.02mm. High-precision concentric nozzles can not only reduce the early debugging during processing, but also effectively prevent high-energy lasers from hitting the inner wall of the laser head, thereby avoiding damage to the laser head.

4. Smoothness and anti-oxidation treatment of the nozzle surface

The smooth surface and good anti-oxidation treatment can effectively reduce the adhesion of the melt during the cutting process and prolong the service life of the nozzle.
Nozzles are very common wear parts on laser cutting machines, and they are also important parts for laser cutting. It is located at the bottom of the laser head, very close to the workpiece.The focused laser and high-pressure airflow are emitted through the nozzle, so it plays a very important role in the cutting process.
When cutting different metal materials, it is very important to choose the right nozzle. I hope this post can help you better operate the fiber laser cutting machine.

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