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ATC CNC router popular in the international market

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ATC CNC router with auto tool changer is a kind of high-end CNC machine tool, which has the advantages of high efficiency and high precision processing, and is widely used in advertising industry, furniture industry, musical instrument production and other fields. Currently in China, more and more CNC router manufacturers are launching ATC CNC routers, which means that in the international market, the demand for ATC CNC routers is increasing.
ACCTEK CNC as a senior CNC router manufacturer, since 2005, we have been based in Jinan Industrial Zone, Shandong Province. We have supplied our high quality ATC CNC router to more than one hundred countries and received good comments from them. This article introduces three different types of auto tool change CNC routers for you, which are used in different fields and play an important role.

Small ATC CNC router

Small ATC CNC router
AKM1212C is a small ATC CNC router with a worktable size of 4×4 feet. It is widely used in industrial fields such as advertising agencies, guitar manufacturing, and children’s toys. Its auto tool changer is equipped with 4 tools as standard. If your processing technology is more complicated, we can customize an auto tool changer with six tools for you.
The 4×4 ATC CNC router lathe adopts industrial-grade cast iron structure, which is not easy to deform and has higher strength. This small CNC router is usually equipped with a 2.2KW spindle because the processed plates are usually not too thick. If you have metal materials to cut, you can replace the 5.5KW power spindle, which will have a better effect on cutting metal.

Industrial ATC CNC router

Industrial ATC CNC router
Industrial ATC CNC router is a very popular CNC equipment in the international market. In ACCTEK CNC, there are two most popular models, namely 4×8 CNC router and 5×10 CNC router, namely AKM1325C and AKM1530C. The dimensions of these two CNC machine tools are 1300×2500mm and 1500×3000mm respectively, which can meet the needs of most enterprises, and are especially popular in the furniture industry and large handicraft manufacturing industry. These two models of ATC CNC router are equipped with 8 tools as standard, and the user can choose an auto tool changer with up to 12 tools.
The industrial ATC CNC router spindle is a 9.0KW ATC spindle. This high-power ATC spindle has higher machining precision, which can ensure machining accuracy while running at high speed, and greatly improves the working stability of the CNC engraving machine.

ATC CNC router with cutting saw

ATC CNC router with cutting saw
ATC CNC router with cutting saw is most widely used in woodworking projects, especially the work scene that needs to cut thick boards, cutting saw plays an important role. The cutting saw is installed on the side of the CNC router spindle, and is mainly used for a large number of straight-line cutting of plates. The diameter is 320mm, and the material with a thickness of 50mm can be cut at one time, and it can be sawed at 360 degrees. When the area of the plate to be processed is large and the thickness is high, it is more efficient to use a saw blade for cutting, and it can reduce the loss of the spindle tool.
As an auxiliary tool, cutting saws are often used in large CNC machine tools, and are generally used more in machines with a size of 4 x 8 feet or more. Therefore, an ATC CNC router with a cutting saw generally carries more than 8 tools for product processing.
As a representative of high-end CNC machine tools, ATC CNC router is more expensive than ordinary 3 axis CNC routers, but it is an indispensable tool for enterprises to expand their markets. The ATC CNC router can complete the tool change within a few seconds without stopping the machine. It has significant advantages in improving processing efficiency, so it is becoming more and more popular in the international market. Compared with the CNC machine tool with only one tool, the ATC CNC router with auto tool changer can carry up to 12 tools, which provides effective help for enterprises to improve productivity and strengthen product customization. If you have plans to expand your business, now is the time to seriously consider investing.

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