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Useful metal cutting equipment in the industrial field

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The development of industry is inseparable from the processing of metal raw materials. Whether it is the decoration industry, home appliance industry, automobile industry, fitness industry, many industrial fields require sheet metal cutting for product production. Therefore, a suitable metal cutting machine is very important for enterprise production. So what kind of metal cutting equipment is currently available? Which equipment is more beneficial to the development of the enterprise? This article takes you through them.

Traditional Metal Cutting Equipment

1. Grinding wheel cutting machine
Grinding wheel cutting machine can be used for steel cutting, which is a relatively common metal cutting equipment. It uses the grinding wheel to complete the steel cutting under high-speed rotation. The operation is simple and convenient, and it can be used in most occasions that require cutting.
2. Saw cutting machine
The saw cutting machine uses the teeth on the saw blade to complete the material cutting, which is a relatively traditional metal cutting equipment. In the metal processing industry, the sawing machine is used with a sawing machine, and a suitable saw blade is equipped according to the hardness of different sheet metals for cutting.
3. Flame cutting machine
Flame cutting machine is metal processing by heating and melting. It can heat the steel to cause a chemical reaction, so that the metal softens and melts to achieve the purpose of cutting. This cutting method can only cut metals with low melting points, and is not suitable for metals such as stainless steel, copper, and aluminum.
4. Plasma cutting machine
The plasma cutting machine uses the heat of the ion arc to heat the material, thereby melting the metal to achieve the purpose of cutting. Plasma cutting machines can cut thicker metals and are suitable for different types of materials, but the cutting surface is rough.
Plasma cutting machine
5. Water jet cutting machine
The water jet cutting machine uses high-pressure water flow for metal cutting. It can cut any metal at will, whether it is a curve or a special shape, it can be cut and processed at one time.
The above five methods are our common traditional metal cutting equipment, but they have their own disadvantages. Because grinding wheel cutting machines and saw cutting machines use mechanical friction to cut sheet metal, on the one hand, they will cause damage to the surface of the workpiece; on the other hand, as consumables, grinding wheels and saw blades are used in large quantities and cost high. Flame cutting machines, plasma cutting machines and water jet cutting machines have low processing efficiency and poor precision, which no longer meet people's requirements for workpiece quality and aesthetics. Especially for the processing of high-precision instruments, the accuracy of the workpiece is more important.

New Metal Cutting Equipment - fiber laser metal cutting machine

As a new type of metal cutting equipment, fiber laser cutting machine has been well received by the industrial market as soon as it came out. Although we call it a new type of metal cutting equipment, it was actually created as early as the 1970s, but it was still in the experimental stage of metal cutting. It wasn't until the advent of fiber lasers in 2011 that this device became popular in metal cutting. The reason why the fiber laser metal cutting machine is popular is closely related to its advantages.
1. Non-contact cutting method, no need for consumables, no damage to the plate.
The fiber laser cutting machine uses laser beams to irradiate the surface of the sheet metal without direct contact with the material, so it will not cause wear to the cutting tools, and no wearing parts need to be replaced. Also because there is no mechanical stress, there is no damage to the surface of the metal workpiece, and the quality is higher.
2. Fast metal cutting speed and high precision
Fiber laser metal cutting machine is a machine with the fastest cutting speed and the highest cutting precision among all metal cutting equipment. Although it has a higher initial investment cost, this results in the lowest cost per part over the long run due to factors such as faster cutting speeds and no need for consumables. In addition, the edge quality of laser-cut workpieces is higher, which can be directly used in the next process, saving more time and cost of secondary processing. Especially precision instruments or high-quality metal products can only be obtained by laser cutting.
Fast metal cutting speed and high precision
Compared with traditional metal cutting methods, the advantages of laser cutting metal are obvious. Because of this, the fiber laser cutting machine has become the best metal cutting equipment recognized in the industry. In order to meet the needs of industrial production, there are currently many types of laser cutting machines for users to choose from, such as heavy-duty industrial laser metal cutting machine AKJ1530F, small precision laser metal cutting machine AKJ1390F, metal tube laser cutting machine AKJ60F, laser metal cutting machine above 10,000 watts AKJ2560FBC and other machine models.
With the development and maturity of laser technology, on the one hand, the price of fiber laser cutting machines is declining; on the other hand, the speed and accuracy of fiber laser cutting metal are also increasing. I believe that in the future, more and more users will start using laser cutting machines to start their own metal projects.

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