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Application of small metal laser cutting machine in industry

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Fiber laser cutting machine is also called metal laser cutting machine. This technology of cutting metal with laser is an important process in sheet metal manufacturing. In metal project fabrication, laser cutting is essential due to its compatibility, high precision and quality assurance. Among the fiber laser cutting equipment, a small metal laser cutting machine is widely used in the industrial field. It is welcomed by many small metal manufacturing enterprises because of its high cutting precision and low price.

Models of small metal laser cutting machines

Models of small metal laser cutting machines
In ACCTEK LASER, the most popular small metal laser cutting machine is AKJ1390F. It is a fiber laser metal cutting machine with a fully enclosed design. The window adopts European CE standard laser protection glass to ensure the safety of the operator, and it is also convenient for smoke exhaust, which is more environmentally friendly. The working table size of AKJ1390 laser metal cutting machine is 1300×900mm, which can meet the processing needs of most small-sized metal workpieces. The laser cutting head adopts an automatic focusing method, which can automatically adjust the focus according to the thickness of the plate, which can not only complete the focusing process more quickly, but also avoid possible errors caused by manual focusing.
Another popular small fiber laser cutting machine is the AKJ1020F, which has a table size of 1000×2000mm. Due to its larger size, the two sides of the large enclosure of the machine are designed in the form of sliding doors, which is more convenient for users to load materials. In addition to these two models, you can choose a customized machine according to the size of the processed material, which will be more in line with the needs of the workshop.
Regardless of the model, the components of ACCTEK fiber laser cutting machines are selected from internationally renowned brands, such as Yaskawa servo motors, Panasonic servo motors, Raycus fiber lasers, Raytools laser cutting heads, Hiwin guide rails, etc. These high-quality accessories determine that ACCTEK laser cutting machines have higher quality and higher performance.

Application of small metal laser cutting machine

Advertising industry
The advertising industry was one of the first industries to use laser cutting machines. Even now, the demand for small metal laser cutting machines in this industry is still very large. This is because most metal billboards are not large in size and not too thick, so the commonly used 1390 fiber laser cutting machine can meet the needs of making advertising signs.
Kitchen industry
Kitchen and bathroom products must be used in every home decoration. In the production process of kitchen and bathroom products, small metal laser cutting machines are widely used. Kitchen utensils such as stainless steel sinks, knives, spoons, pot lids and other products, bathroom shelves, faucets, tee pipes and other metal workpieces, the pre-production of these products is inseparable from the laser cutting process.
Home Decoration
With the development of society, many young people began to pursue a simple decoration style. Home decorations made of metal are simple and textured, so they are welcomed by the market. This exquisite metal decoration has great advantages in using a small metal cutting machine, the cutting precision is higher, and the product is more beautiful.
Home Decoration
In addition to the above industries, small fiber laser cutting machines also have important applications in hardware industry, electronics industry, glasses industry, craft gifts, medical equipment manufacturing and other fields. These products require complex cuts with good edge quality, and the laser beam creates precision cuts in a fast, clean and efficient manner. Advanced software and narrow kerfs allow parts to nest closely, maximizing yield and reducing material waste.
The laser cutting machine has the characteristics of flexibility and high flexibility. It is especially popular for the processing of special-shaped parts. You only need to prepare the cutting graphics and import them into the control system, and then you can set the size for cutting. The cutting time is fast and the quality is good. Therefore, it is possible for many customers to carry out private customization requirements.
The cost of small precision fiber laser cutting machine is relatively low, and it is very suitable for small enterprises or enterprises with a small processing volume. Moreover, the small precision fiber laser cutting machine occupies a relatively small area, which is more convenient for placement and transportation. If your workshop is engaged in the processing of the above products, please contact us, you will get the best purchase plan of metal laser cutting machine.

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