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Development of cnc router machine

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Stepping into the cnc router machine industry, I know that the development of engraving machine in Jinan is constantly increasing. I remember reading an article, in which
There is a saying that "nine out of ten foreigners come to Jinan to buy carving machines.".
With the continuous development of science and technology, our technology is also in constant innovation, people from all walks of life are constantly inventing advanced tools, constantly liberating people's hands. In recent years, for China's carving machine industry, the development is also very rapid, now the carving is basically completed by carving machine, which not only saves time, but also improves the carving process, but also makes many industries have new development, such as wood carving machine, stone carving machine, CNC carving machine and so on.
Carving technology has been started since ancient times. In the past, carving technology was carried out by hand. For example, before the appearance of words, things were recorded by carving pictures or other ways. Later, font printing, wood carving, stone carving, jade carving and so on were all unique skills of craftsmen. This is a highly technical manual skill, Its quality depends on the sculptor's technology, low efficiency, high cost.
But from the beginning of the last century, engraving machine technology began to develop, the first is the engraving machine, and then from the plane engraving machine to three-dimensional engraving machine transformation, its production process is also increasingly mature, the use is also gradually widespread. As small as a decoration, carving machines are used everywhere in the whole building, and the appearance of carving machines is to use machinery instead of manual carving to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
In 1938, the manual engraving machine came out in France, and in 1950, it produced the real electric and scalable manual engraving machine. In the 1990s, with the rapid development of microelectronics technology, the rapid development of microcomputer was directly promoted. Microelectronic technology and microcomputer technology drive the rapid development of the whole high-tech group, so that the engraving machine has a qualitative leap. Engraving machine has completed the transformation from 2d-2.5d-3d processing, perfect function, stable personality, beautiful appearance and reasonable price become the basic requirements of engraving machine development.
Engraving machine is also a variety of types, wood engraving machine, fiber laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, I believe the development of engraving machine will be better and better.

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