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  • AKJ1325F2
  • AKM1212-5A
  • AKJ1530FB
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The river runs deep

About Us

Jinan AccTek Machinery Co.,Ltd

commissioning the machine
commissioning the machine Jinan AccTek Machinery Co.,Ltd
Jinan AccTek Machinery Co.,Ltd
Factory Factory
  • Company profile
    Jinan AccTek mechanical co., LTD
  • Self-operated plant
    All the equipment we export comes from our own factory
  • Our Team
    Rigorous work, attention to detail
  • Honor & Certificate
    Participated in sales fairs for many times and won many awards
What are customers saying about us?
After sales feedback
AccTek delivers thousands of machines all over the world every year since 2005.
Received large quantities positive comment and of course some advices.All of this are helping us making the machine better. Your
feedbeck are welcomed!
We are learning
Jinan AccTek Machinery Company specializes in manufacturing CNC Router and Laser machines.