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2000W laser cleaning machine received good reviews in Spain
The application of optical fiber technology has brought great development to various fields in industry and promoted the progress of society. The fiber laser cutting technology is often the most popular fiber optic application that we are familiar with. In recent years, the advantages of fiber laser in the cleaning field have also been widely known. ACCTEK laser cleaning machine is popular in many countries, this photo is a feedback from our Spanish user. He bought a 2000W laser cleaning machine from our company. This high-power laser cleaning equipment has helped him clean a lot of metal materials, and he is very satisfied with it.
This 2000W laser cleaning machine adopts continuous pulsed laser, it has faster cleaning speed and allows larger cleaning area, so it has great advantages for industrial cleaning. High-power laser cleaning machines can clean heavily polluted workpieces. The video shows you the rust removal process of the 2000W laser cleaning machine. You can see that even very thick rust, after 2-3 repeated laser beam scans, the metal surface can show its original luster. The video was taken when we were testing for users. If you want to see more effects of the 2000W laser cleaning machine, you can get it through online communication.
The outstanding cleaning effect is only one of the many advantages of the laser cleaning machine. In addition, it also has various performance advantages such as convenient operation, low operating cost, safety and environmental protection. The machine operator only needs to hold a laser cleaning gun and point the laser beam at the surface of the material to be cleaned to complete the laser rust removal process. The cleaning speed is fast, safe, and does not produce pollutants, which is more environmentally friendly. Laser cleaning machines do not require other consumables except for using a small amount of electricity, and are an industrial cleaning equipment with the lowest operating costs.
When we understand its performance advantages, many users will be worried about its price, thinking that this new type of cleaning equipment will be expensive. When the fiber laser cleaning machine was first invented and applied to metal cleaning, it was indeed expensive, depending on the cost of the fiber laser and the limitation of the technical level (very few people mastered this manufacturing technology). But now with the reduction of laser cost and the improvement of technology research and development level, many laser cleaning machine manufacturers are able to produce high-quality cleaning equipment.
In ACCTEK LASER, the cheapest price of a 2000W laser cleaning machine is only $8100. If you do not require high cleaning speed, you can buy a 1000W laser cleaning machine, which can be purchased for only $5,600. This price not only means the cost of the machine, but also the after-sales service guarantee you can enjoy. During the warranty period, we will provide you with free parts replacement, and you will enjoy free technical services for life. The technical guidance is very friendly to users who use the laser cleaning machine for the first time. We have professional engineers to serve you and solve any problems and failures you encounter during the use of the machine.
ACCTEK fiber laser cleaning machine has been put into use in many countries and have won unanimous praise from many users. We win the trust of every user with affordable price, excellent quality and good after-sales service. Our business is to improve your business.

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