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5 x 10 ATC CNC router is used for making wooden door
With the popularity of CNC routers, there's never been a better time to start a profitable woodworking project. Among them, furniture manufacturers are one of the industries with the greatest demand for CNC wood routers. Whether they are DIY furniture enthusiasts or large-scale furniture manufacturers, they can find a CNC wood router to suit their needs. This article introduces an ATC CNC router used in the production of wooden doors, and the video shows the process of its processing of wooden doors.
This is a 5 x 10 ATC CNC router. It is equipped with a linear auto tool changer and can hold up to 8 different tools. A total of three different processes are shown in the video, involving two sculpting processes and one cutting process. As you can see, the machine performed two quick automatic tool changes. ATC CNC router does not need to stop the machine for complicated manual tool change, and all machining procedures can be completed quickly and accurately according to the CNC control system.
ATC CNC router AKM1530C is a high-end CNC woodworking machining center, its working area is 1500×3000mm, professional for large-size plate processing. This size is suitable for wooden door machining, and the entire plate can be placed completely on the CNC route table. The table uses vacuum adsorption to fix the plate. This type of table has particular advantages for fixing large size materials. Users only need to place the board on the table and turn on the vacuum adsorption switch to complete the fixing process of the board, which is very convenient and fast. The vacuum adsorption table is also very effective for fixing thinner and lighter sheets to ensure that the engraving accuracy will not be affected by vibration during processing.
High efficiency is an important advantage of ATC CNC router. In addition to its fast automatic tool changer feature, it is also equipped with 9.0KW ATC spindle. This high-power spindle processing speed is fast, good axial stability, not only can fast engraving, but also the engraving pattern is more fine, to provide users with higher quality products. With Yaskawa servo motor in Japan and Syntec control system in Taiwan, it can effectively ensure the cutting precision and smooth operation of CNC woodworking engraving machine. At the end of the video, we show you the cutting effect of the wooden door. You can see that the cutting edge of the entire outline of the wooden door is smooth and beautiful without any burrs. Such fine cutting effect can make the wooden door directly to the next step of the painting process.
When carving the pattern on the wooden door and cutting the outline of the door, you can see that there is almost no sawdust contamination because the 1530 CNC router is equipped with a vacuum cleaner. You can see that the main shaft of the machine is equipped with a dust brush, and the suction pipe is connected above. As the spindle sculpts or cuts the board, the dust brush focuses the sawdust together and collects the sawdust through the vacuum pipe into the dust bag. The use of vacuum cleaner can ensure that the workplace is clean and tidy, which can not only reduce the time of dust removal for the machine and cleaning workshop, but also avoid the harm caused by dust pollution to the health of the CNC router operator.
The video shows the ATC CNC router carving and cutting a wooden door, which has the same advantages of high speed and high precision in machining other furniture projects. Since the application of CNC wood router with auto tool changer, it brings new opportunities to the development of furniture industry. It not only reduces the cycle for furniture manufacturers to provide products to users, but also improves the quality of furniture and gets more users' love.
In fact, not only furniture industry, in other industrial areas CNC router has become a development trend. If you're looking to expand your business and increase productivity on the shop floor, it's time to invest in an ATC CNC router.

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