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Learn About and Get Started With Laser Welding Machine

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Laser welding technology is generally applied in the welding work of metal components or construction components, with advantages such as large welding range, easy processing and convenient connection. Although the traditional welding mode can achieve the preset casting target, the effect is not obvious, and the control of welding accuracy and difference value of components is weak. In the complex environment, there are some problems in the fine processing of castings, resulting in the tensile strength of cast components has not been significantly improved.
Laser welding technology is a kind of dynamic welding method commonly used at the present stage. Laser welding machine has advantages such as fast speed, large depth and small deformation, and has low requirements on the operating environment. Moreover, it can weld in the gas environment through electromagnetic field, and the welding effect on heterosexual materials is better. By integrating laser welding technology into aluminum alloy castings, can increase the flexibility and tightness of the casting work to a certain extent, to improve the control effect of the welding difference.
Laser welding
The state of weld penetration is one of the most important indicators for quantitative evaluation of laser welding quality. Laser welding system requires high requirements for the position of the weld, needs to focus on the range of welding requirements and is not applicable to materials with large thickness. When the welded material has a high thermal conductivity, it affects the welding effect. The low energy conversion efficiency, as well as the fast solidification time of the weld channel, restricts the welding effect to some extent. After cleaning the parts welding quality has significantly improved, fully meet the product process requirements, effectively reducing the product scrap rate in the laser welding process, indicating that the weld surface cleanliness has a greater impact on the quality of laser welding.
Fiber laser welding machine not only has high welding efficiency, but also has small material mechanical damage to the welding base metal and high weld strength. Because the shell of large ship is welded with high strength steel plate, the traditional submerged arc welding or gas shielded arc welding is difficult to meet the generation demand, so it is a trend to apply laser welding technology to the field of ship high-strength steel welding.
The application of fiber laser welding machine in automobile manufacturing has greatly improved the production efficiency, but the factors affecting the quality of laser welding are also complicated. Laser welding system has the characteristics of high efficiency and flexibility of welding process. In the process of automobile manufacturing, it can be used for the welding of automobile body and various kinds of automobile parts. It can reduce the overall weight of automobile body, improve the assembly accuracy of automobile body, meet the needs of lightweight and safety performance improvement of automobile manufacturing, and also reduce the assembly cost and stamping cost in automobile manufacturing. Improve the integration of the car body. Therefore, how to actively and effectively apply fiber laser welding machine has become the current automobile manufacturing enterprises need to consider the problem.
fiber laser welding machine
The advantages offered by laser welding machine play an important role in current automotive manufacturing. They are mainly manifested in the following aspects: the actual welding is subject to a small range of heat influence and a lower amount of deformation. The quality and precision of the welding is higher, and the aesthetics can be ensured with quality in mind. The specific welding operation is more flexible and efficient, which can meet the needs of enterprises. The construction noise is small and has a not bad energy-saving effect. It is suitable for welding materials with brittle texture, high strength and high melting point. It is the first choice for the design goal of this industry.
Among them, welding parts connected by dissimilar aluminum alloys can not only give full play to their respective advantages, but also meet the requirements of different working conditions, and gradually become a research hotspot of scholars at home and abroad. However, as an active metal, aluminum alloy has high thermal conductivity and low ionization energy, and it is easy to form aluminum oxide film, which leads to defects such as infusion, pores, and hot cracks at the weld, and the mechanical properties of the joint are reduced. However, due to differences in thermal properties such as thermal conductivity and melting point, dissimilar aluminum alloys are more prone to defects such as cracks, uneven fusion, and severe sheet deformation during welding, which further deteriorates the mechanical properties of the welded joints.As a new type of high-energy beam welding technology, laser welding system has concentrated energy and low heat input. After welding, the welding seam is beautiful, and the joint strength is obviously improved.
The many advantages of laser welding machines in metal welding make them popular in various industries. Now start using laser welding machines to start your metal connection project.

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